Have you ever wondered how in the world you can stay motivated when it seems that all heaven and earth has aligned against you? Even motivational individuals face this question at some point in life; we each will deal with success and failure.

When you are attaining one goal after another it is easy to keep your motivation. You may even start to wonder why anyone is having a rough day when life is so fantastic for you. Ah, but then the day comes when obstacles encroach from seemingly every angle and it is not so simple to stay motivated!

You should know that even the most famous speakers and leaders around the world face the same issues. They simply know that if they want to maintain their personal and professional success they have to find a way around the obstacles or burdens.

There are different options for overcoming life's obstacles and spurring your motivation back to full throttle; however, you should know there is no perfect answer that fits each person or situation. In fact, you may find a better way from within.

Do you know what is causing your obstacles or fears? Understand this first, your reasons could be emotional or tangible, real or imagined. The important step is to identify the fear and then play out the worst case scenario.

Dig deep an imagine that all of your fears have come to pass, what is the worst possible outcome? Putting your fear into perspective is often the only thing you will have to do, once you realize that these events are not going to be the end of your life or lifestyle it will be easier to proceed.

You must believe in yourself and your goals, when you do nothing can stand in your way. What are you striving to achieve? How does your family or business gain once you achieve your goals? This will tell you a good deal about your motivation and whether you believe in the goals, if not scrap it all and go back to the drawing board.

Do not hesitate to take action. Physically see yourself getting past the obstacles and tasting victory. Even small and seemingly insignificant positive actions should not be put off, do them today.

Even small successes that come from your deeds will feed your belief and faith in yourself. You will likely face many different obstacles with different faces; your job is to stare them down. If an obstacle is more like a mountain, break it down into boulders or even pebbles until you can handle it emotionally.

As you maintain your positive attitude and cheer, you will see the obstacle diminish. You have heard it is mind over matter? Well it is true of obstacles as well. Evict negative thoughts from your mind today if you want to achieve any form of success.

What inspires you? It may be books, movies or videos with inspirational content, whatever builds you up and motivates you personally stick to like glue. Fill your environment with people and things that embody this type of inspiration. Your environment is very important to what you are to become.

It is inevitable that you will encounter obstacles, but dealing with them is not. You actually have a choice in the matter; you can overcome fear and obstacles, which results in happiness, or choose to remain miserable. Eradicate self-doubt and determine if your fears are reality or simply something that might happen if you take no action. When you tackle each task faith in yourself is renewed.

Margaret Thatcher summed up this entire idea when she said: "Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It's not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it's when you've had everything to do, and you've done it."

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