The monsoons are long gone, and the skies have dawned a pretty shade of blue. It’s the season of festivities, and the long-awaited festival of lights is just around the corner. With all the joy and happiness all around us at this time of the year, we believe that it is the perfect time to teach kids about ways to retain those smiles and laughter while letting go of all the stress.

At Sapphire International School, regarded as the Best CBSE School in Noida, we understand that our kids have their own share of worries and anxieties that have a significant impact on their mental peace. In their delicate young minds, even things like one bad grade or a silly fight with a friend can have a major imprint. You will see them brooding over it for days, which takes away their focus, and more importantly, their boundless energy and laughter.

So, why not use this wonderful time of the year to teach them to let go of all that stress and find happiness? We have some ideas in this regard that’ll surely help you out.

Make sure that you aren’t overscheduling your kids

We, at Sapphire, have noticed that many a times the stress in kids comes from being overscheduled. Kids try to manage to perfection all the activities that you have laid out for them, which at times, simply gets too tiring for them. Children need enough downtime to rejuvenate, and their mind and body need ample amounts of rest. Even though the kids might not realize that, you need to go over their daily routine and ask yourself whether it’s been overscheduling.

Help them point out the cause of their stress

Sit down and have a talk with your kids about the things that have been bothering them because it’s one of the first steps towards finding a solution for it. The key is to work together with your kids to help them let go of the negative emotions.

If it is about the grades that they’ve got, tell them that it’s nothing to be disheartened about and you’re sure that they are going to work harder next time. If it’s about something that someone has said to the kids or if they have hurt someone, ask them to write their heart out in a letter to that person.

Ensure that the kids are getting enough hours of sound sleep

Be it boosting the mood or minimizing stress, sleep is a vital element to take into consideration. So, are the kids spending too much on those electronic gadgets before going off to bed? Or, do they sit glued to the TV right after dinner?

It is time to limit their screen time before going to bed, and also to have a talk with them about the importance of sleeping on time.

Teach kids about the ways to deal with their mistakes

The fear of making mistakes and getting scolded for it, is something that causes a lot of stress for the kids. Therefore, it’s important to remind kids that they are not supposed to know the right way of doing everything, and they’re free to come to you for any help they need. Let them know not owning up to their mistakes is never okay, regardless of what the situation is.

This Diwali let’s teach our kids to celebrate the varied, beautiful joys of life instead of lamenting over the missteps and mistakes. After all, it’s our responsibility to help them find that ray of sunshine even in the gloomiest of days. Isn’t it!

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At Sapphire International School, regarded as the Best CBSE School in Noida, we understand that our kids have their own share of worries and anxieties that have a significant impact on their mental peace