If you’re a beauty product connoisseur, then you’re probably noticed that many beauty products, especially wrinkle cream and other anti-aging products contain retinol, retinoids or Vitamin A. But what’s the difference between these ingredients and which one should you choose for your skin? Here, we explore what they’re all about.

Retinoids are chemically related to vitamin A and are used in many prescription medications due to their ability to heal the body and generate growth of new cells. Retinoids are used to treat many ailments including vision problems, bone tissue deterioration and tumors. Retinoids are also used in anti wrinkle cream in order to promote the renewal of skin cells. The concentration of retinoids in wrinkle cream varies by brand and ingredient combination, but prescription creams typically contain higher concentrations (which are more active) than over-the-counter treatments. Retinoids remain one of the few ingredients that are scientifically and FDA proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Tretinoin is a specific type of retinoid used in some wrinkle creams. Available by prescription only, it used for the treatment of serious acne and sun damaged skin. Tretinoin works by stripping away old skin, thereby allowing new skin to shine. After using tretinoin for a month or so, facial skin becomes smoother in texture and more even in tone. In addition, the number and appearance of wrinkles is lessoned. Tretinoin is such a powerful ingredient that it’s recommended users do the treatment at night and wear sunscreen during the day to minimize inflammation.

OTC or non-prescription wrinkle creams contain retinol or Vitamin A. Retinol is basically a first generation retinoid, which means it is milder and much gentler, but still works in a similar way. Retinol helps to stimulate skin renewal and also to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Vitamin A (retinol) is medically proven to improve the look of skin and to improve the appearance of fine lines that are caused by the natural aging process. In addition, skin that has been treated with retinol is stronger in the long-run and can better withstand the elements.

So the next time you’re reading the label on a beauty product that contains retinoids, retinol, or Vitamin A, be aware that these are the active ingredients that have the ability to give you new and improved skin. Also, be aware that women who have sensitive skin, are pregnant or nursing, should not use these ingredients, as they may cause irritation or unknown birth defects.

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