When we hear “Retrograde” most of us gasp, brace ourselves, and hold on for dear life. We set our sights to low with the dimmers on, and hope for the best.

This article is not another article on what retrograde is so much as it is an article on what it can be!

I often speak of manifestation, Law of attraction, empowerment and free will, and while I am not saying we can control our universe we can control how we react to it!

Normally in retrograde we see break downs in communication, series of unfortunate events unravel, unresolved issues from our past rearing their ugly heads. For some Mercury Retrograde means thought processes slow or halt, especially for those who work in areas where using wit, intellect, or creativity is key.

Mercury Retrograde can cause personal misunderstandings and arguments. Mercury Retrograde is also famous for glitches and break downs in electronics that have to do with communication and transportation!

Astrologers warn us not to make any important plans that require scheduling at this time because ultimately they most likely will not work out, or others we plan with may not follow through or perhaps even we will be the ones to bail out last minute!

However this article is not about all those negatives now is it? No, its about how to make retrograde a positive thing for us! How to put a positive spin on our own reality and our universe!

Our lives are filled with busy schedules, work, family, extra-curricular activities, social engagements, etc and so on. There are many times where we wish we could just slow down and unwind. Our minds are busy, our hands are busy, our bodies are busy, always in a constant flux of motion. We want to be more in touch with ourselves, we wish we had more time for exercise or meditation or to read that book we have put off reading, that journal we said we would start, or he hobby we never seem to find the time for, for me it is scrap booking!

The key to a positive retrograde is focus, and focus has to be a personal and internal thing before we can be any good to others! We are usually all so busy worried about being in charge, in control, on top of our game that maybe the reason we allow for retrograde to get to us so much is we rely too much on our devices and social networks and not enough focus is on our selves! We rely too much on our EGOS to be able to handle a regular day let alone a retro-day! Perhaps the universe gives us retrograde as a means to humble us all and show us that we ultimately do not have full control of everything and we need a reality check to slow down and let go and let live!

If you make a conscious choice in your life today NOT to allow Mercury Retrograde to dampen your spirits you will find you have taken a first but meaningful step toward getting through this and every following retrograde with ease.

Here are three relatively easy steps to put a positive spin on retrograde:

1. Write up a mantra for yourself for the duration of Mercury Retrograde, make it your own, but mine is as follows:

“I will not react to unforeseen circumstances. I will take in the information or challenge and tuck it away to work on later. I will not take the bait to unhealthy or non-productive thought or emotion at this time. I will not take part in argumentative discussion, nor will I fall prey to those who are unaware of their own words or actions at this time. It is not necessarily ones true feelings they may be expressing to me at this time as they too are under the influence of this retrograde.”

I actually have a few mantras that I use through out each day. Some days I will focus on one more than another depending on where I personally am feeling weak.

The main idea however is that you first block yourself from retrogrades possible onslaught of problems because while we can not avoid these things but we can change how we react to them!

2) The second thing that one can do to put a positive spin on retrograde is to utilize it and not allow it to make you its unsuspecting victim! Knowledge is power and it is good if you know the basics of retrograde but at the same time by focusing so much on the negative impacts of it we draw those impacts toward us! Its just simple Law of Attraction at its best. Focus on the positive and you will bring positive toward you. Now of course during any retrograde it is more difficult to manifest positive but we certainly do not have to focus on it so much that we draw the negative in to us! By staying strong in our own core belief system, keeping ourselves grounded and clam in the face of negativity we can get a leg up on retrograde!

3) The last thing I would like for everyone to promise themselves to do at this time is to really put into practice those SELF things we seem to find a way to avoid. Take time to spend with yourself. Since communication is a known issue for Mercury Retrograde take this time for self reflection, introspection, meditation, relaxation, and any other word ending in “ion” you can think of!

Read more, take walks, sleep in late, take a day off, take long bubble baths, journal, do anything that gives you more insight into yourself or pampers yourself! Many of us almost feel we need an “excuse” to do things for ourselves as we are so very busy taking care of others in our lives or worrying about our life situations, but in Mercury Retrograde we literally have a valid reason to pull away from the outside world just a bit and go inward . This can be absolutely positive and healing! Since Mercury Retrograde by design wants to cast shadows into our normal daily routines why not cast the brightness back into our lives by being proactive and not sitting on targets saying “okay retro, come and get me!” at the very least you can confuse retrograde by doing things you would not normally take time out to do. Now I know many of my followers are already practicing daily manifestations, meditations etc so it may seem as if I am telling you to do your normal daily routines but we all can find new things to add to our list of ME things to do! There is always one more thing we can do to make our own lives more enriching and more self-centric! Being self-centric is normally not looked up on as a healthy thing to be however in Mercury Retrograde we get a free hall pass to ego land! Just think of it as a necessary hermit mode!

Happy Retrograde to all!

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