One way to put a halt to environmental pollution is by tackling how one of nature's most prominent enemies, plastic, is disposed of in relation to its non biodegradable nature. It is pretty hard imagining a world without plastics, after all this is a dependable material that is light in weight and water-resistant. Since plastic bags are non perishable (it is estimated that they can take several hundred years to fully disintegrate), recycling them is the best way out. As such, many people are turning to reusable bags which are mainly made of recycled plastic, but which are sturdier, can carry more weight, and that basically last longer (fourfold) than plastic bags before they start wearing out.

There is really a whole load of choices with reusable bags and hence the selection criterion mainly has to do with choosing the right bag/s for your particular needs. There are reusable shopping bags which are loved for their heavy load carrying capacity. These are fast becoming an indispensable part of many Americans shopping lifestyle as they are beautiful, dependable, and they give their bearers a fulfilling feeling knowing that they have taken a positive step towards safeguarding the environment. These eco friendly bags are also finding their way to schools, libraries, workplaces, gyms, camps, picnics and so forth, meaning that you can be sure you won't look odd as you carry such a bag.

Manufacturers of green bags are focusing on designing not only eco friendly solutions but also bags that can fully address everyday carrying needs, and this mostly has to do with concerns about size, design, shape and durability. Market research has shown that rectangular shaped reusable bags are the most convenient as they spread out the weight and volume of the contents you are carrying better, and thus offering greater comfort as you walk. We can also see that most reusable grocery bags feature handles for easier carrying. These handles should be just long enough to avoid carrying the bags very close to the ground and to make them from easier to lift say into the car or onto the kitchen table.

To cater for durability, reusable bags are mainly made from sturdy materials such as polypropylene which is mainly sourced from recycled plastic bottles. Some of these eco friendly bags are also made from cotton, canvas and even jute. All these materials help to ensure greater carrying capacities and extended use as opposed to what many of the vest-like plastic bags can offer. The green bags can also be made to feature very eye catchy graphics and color combinations. In fact, many companies and franchise shops are now offering their customers reusable shopping bags which also carry advertisements as these make for affordable marketing platforms.

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