In Asian and some European countries, it was common to wear medical masks in everyday life long before the COVID-19 pandemic. In East Asia, this practice has become part of the philosophy of Taoism and traditional medicine, where clean air and proper breathing are considered essential to good health. There is no denying that today the mask is also a fashion accessory - the beautiful detail has long been commonplace during fashion weeks and the Cannes Film Festival. So we decided to tell you why even in the summer of 2022, you should sell reusable cloth face masks and what the chances are that your design will be a breakthrough.

Although epidemics and climatic disasters have accompanied humanity throughout its history, the tradition of wearing a mask did not emerge until the 20th century in Japan, when the raging Spanish flu pandemic killed 50 million people. The population needed protection from the infection, which became the impetus for creating a semblance of a scarf or veil. Over time, the Great Kanto Earthquake, widespread flu, hay fever, the growth of industry, and air pollution have laid down a lasting habit of wearing this accessory in crowded places.

In today's world, the trend spread after the SARS outbreak in 2002 and the bird flu scare in 2006. Although the doctors repeatedly stressed that this method would not save 100% from infection, it is good that at least the people around have a better chance to stay healthy.

But masks are not just a medical requirement or a pretty thing on the face, but also the philosophy - they have become an instrument of social protection. When one feels apathetic or wishes to remain anonymous, a mask can create a barrier. Lately, many people have finally begun to openly highlight the problem of RBF. This phenomenon often makes you feel insecure when communicating with others, as they are bound to question why you are angry, sad, or even crying.

So, we've talked through the main pain points of your potential audience, and they are a medical necessity, philosophy, defense, and fashion. But they can get away with it if you create a unique offer that can make them want to. The concept of fighting for customers, in this case, will be completely unimaginative, but like a T-shirt brand, you should still try it.

Reusable face masks market research
With the advent of Covid-19, the popularity of facial masks has grown significantly - the industry currently has a market value of about $42.14 billion. However, exponential growth to $50.91 billion by 2025 is projected, driven by socio-demographic factors, behavioral aspects, or strict wearing policies.

But time makes its adjustments, and the use of masks in some countries remains low, while in others, the demand has increased significantly. The countries with the highest prevalence were:

United Kingdom;
More than 50% of the locals in these countries wear masks (January 10, 2021).

The leading fashion apparel brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, Prada, etc., are channelizing efforts to produce fashion mask concepts for the medical grade. The elite target audience of these brands and their higher purchasing power contributed to market growth. International celebrities have also become carriers of the trend: in January 2020, Billie Eilish appeared in public in a mask with embroidery brand Gucci.

The persistence of the habit will allow branded reusable face masks to remain on the fashion market for a long time to come, which can't help but rejoice. But, at the same time, consumers will prefer higher quality goods as the market stabilizes.

It is essential not to forget that the demand for this product is regulated by law - for example, in Germany, 2021 was announced several rules according to which a specific type of mask is allowed. So filter components N95/KN95/FFP2 have become commonplace and a necessity. On the contrary, the authorities believe that masks should be disposable in Brazil.

Among the many ideas for the POD products line, pay attention to sustainable items. In an Oxford Economics research, 73% of executives of consumer products (CP) companies noted that sustainability issues were a significant concern or top-of-mind at all stages of the supply chain process. This demonstrates a growing boldness and ambition for green projects, a rethinking of business models, and the need for immediate implementation of these practices.

value of reusable face masks
Trends investigation
Custom reusable face masks have low margins, which will probably make them sell well. However, the minimum markup of 10-20% on the goods may create an artificial demand for this product. Of course, the key to success will be a successful marketing strategy, which you should read about here. Given that masks are not going out of the windows of the Asian market, but they are also in demand in Europe and the U.S., many celebs and luxury brands have launched their designs. For instance, Marcelo Burlon County of Milan puts snakes and birds on them; k-pop groups like BTS, BLACKPINK, and Momoland often wear masks.

Eco-friendliness in today's world is not only recycling masks or tote bags. It is also a philosophy based on preserving the planet and improving people's health and quality of life. So one Forrester survey found that about two-thirds of online users in the U.K., China, and France, - and just over 50% of users in the U.S. are worried about climate change. This means that more and more people will shortly abandon those who do not support these values. So, adapt to the new realities and accept that it is time to say goodbye to your favorite supplier who uses chemicals to grow cotton or buys it from somewhere in Turkmenistan, ignoring working conditions.

Another trendy practice is to fill the market with stylish niche products, such as kids' reusable face masks. In this case, you get a combo of environmental friendliness and belonging. Parents know firsthand that if your child is obsessed with the Lion King, everything from closet items to cutlery should be depicted with this character. Therefore, do not exclude the youngest segment of the audience - it can create the most significant demand for reusable face masks for kids.

Print on Demand is an Eco-Friendly Business Model That Reduces The Damaging Effect on the Environment

Win partnerships
Promoting your products is hard, especially when online marketing has become oversaturated. That's why you should pay attention to winning partnerships. Take the underwear brand Thinx: its VP of Partnerships, Lyndsey Arnold, wanted to expand its influence on different audience segments by interacting with stores like Urban Outfitters and Free People. And he succeeded, as the company felt a rapid increase in its customer base and achieved a significant increase in revenue. According to statistics, almost half of retailers usually accomplish an increase in revenue through affiliate management.

Influencer marketing is another way to promote customized reusable face masks: 90% of respondents to the Influencer Marketing Hub 2021 report found influencer marketing effective. Interestingly, the company receives $6.5 in revenue for every dollar spent on advertising. A great example of a company using this approach is Healthish - its co-founders have worked with many bloggers on Instagram. The low margin of their main product, water bottles, makes it possible to create a reasonable offer on the market, thereby increasing the number of sales. Suppose you apply this strategy to selling print on demand masks. In that case, you will probably end up with a million dollars in revenue, just like the owners of Healthish, and valuable feedback from customers who use your product. Accordingly, the brand's reputation will grow, as will its popularity.

For your business to grow, expand your product sales channels - diversify your business. This is especially useful when establishing cooperation with companies where reusable face masks for staff are a daily necessity, such as in the production facilities of factories. Search the Internet for contacts of potential customers - perhaps they will buy lots of such goods from you. Do not forget to mention the possibility of printing on these accessories in the conversation - perhaps your client is essential to indicate an employee's title or his name on the front of the mask...

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