One of the reasons that I wrote The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life was to dispel any superstition or ‘woo –woo’ thinking about creating vision boards. It’s my belief a vision board can be one of the most effective life planning techniques that you’ll ever discover.

In my experience in more than 50,000 hours of personal coaching for 5,000 individuals from 76 different vocations in life ranging from astrologers to zoologists (really, I worked as an advisor for the San Diego Zoo for a year), I’ve found that it’s the attitude not the aptitude that really matters in getting and changing a job or career and creating income streams to support your lifestyle and family.

I know that some of you are just beginning to explore the power of vision and visioning, so I decided that one of the best posts I could write this week is to answer the top three inquiries about Vision Boards. Chances are that your question may be resolved in the answer to this top 3. If not, be sure to message me or post what you want to know in the comments section of this post and I’ll answer the first 10 questions personally! Promise.



A vision board is a visual map that you create using images, words and quotes that you cut out of magazines or other printed matter and paste to a poster board like a collage. Vision Boards can also be designed using special digital software and Facebook apps. Vision boards are also known as ‘dream boards, ‘wish boards, ‘treasure maps, ‘life collage’ and ‘wisdom collages’


Vision Boards date back to the cave man era, where prior to the season, hunters drew drawings of Buffalo they ‘envisioned’ bringing home to feed the family.

Today, vision boards are used by such mainstream groups as the United Nations, the World Bank and Vista to help Third World people plan the next stage of economic development to make their lives better.

Vision Boards are used by churches, schools and Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio even uses vision boards in his prison. Oprah revealed on a New York radio station that she created a vision board for President-elect Obama that included a picture of her inaugural gown. Vision Boards have been featured on such TV shows as “Larry King’, ‘Oprah’ and ‘Ellen”.

3. SHOULD I CREATE MY OWN VISION BOARD or should I do it with my husband/spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend?

If you’re asking that question, my gut tells me that you may be best designing your own vision board first and then creating a couples vision board together. Don’t forget that it takes two to make a couple. It’s crucial to honor your own identity, dreams and visions. You can also create a vision board with your family too. Perfect for this month, is a Gratitude Board to give thanks for all that you do have in your life and home.

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Joyce Schwarz is an emerging media and marketing consultant who runs JCOM, consultancy in Marina Del Rey, CA. She is also the best-selling author of 5 books including THE VISION BOARD: the secret to an extraordinary life, You can reach her at She is a paid public speaker and just returned from speaking in Latin America. You can see her the weekend of November 6-8 as the keynote speaker at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Portland, Oregon