Revelation 1 is a startling revelation of “One like the Son of man…gird about the paps [Greek word, mastos, means female breasts] with a golden girdle.” Rev 1:13. She is the Spirit walking among the candlesticks in verse 20, speaking to the churches in Rev 2 and 3.

She is “the Daughter of Jerusalem“ who was blasphemed in Isaiah 37:22,23. Blasphemy is a sin of speaking against God. She was God and She slew 185,000 Assyrians that night. Jerusalem is Her Mother--“the Mother of us all,” Gal 4:26

Paul who wrote nearly half the New Testament said, Whatever may be known about God may be understood from the things that are made, even His Godhead,” Romans 1:20. Note: Paul wrote it to the church at Rome, but they scorned it!

To understand God, we should see five times the Bible says we are made in God’s likeness and image and twice it says, male and female, Gen 1:26,27; 5:1,2. Seven is a mark of end-time truth, the Revelation is a book of sevens.

This is truth re God. Deut 6:4 says, “God is one…” but the Hebrew word, echad, means a combined unity as the evening and morning were one day. Man cleaves to his wife and they become one… echad. The Godhead is a perfect unity.

We are told to take the Bible just as it reads, but learned theologians have a queer understanding that does not fit with nearly a dozen passages and we should know “it is the glory of God to conceal a thing and the honor of kings to search it out” Prov 25:2

We understand God as a heavenly Father, but also a Mother (Gal 4:26), Son, and Daughter who is with us as co-redemptrix (NOT Mary) “making intercession with groaning that cannot be uttered,” Rom 8:26.

Pastors who studied Greek should know that the word kai is an epexegetical conjunction that means, “that is to say.” So when we read Rev 22:17, “the Spirit, that is to say, the Bride…” we would understand Christ is not marrying a city--the wedding where we may be “the guests” is at the end of 7000 years, like Jacob was betroth to Rachel for 7.

Please watch the video. The first comment below it has more Biblical support. Like it and share it with your friends unless you are a learned theologian that cannot understand how we are made in Their image…We must become as a child, Matt 18:3

The Catholic Church boasts the trinity as central to all their doctrine; isn’t it time for Protestants to take another look!

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Dr. Richard Ruhling is an author on current events and Bible topics with half a dozen books on Amazon/Kindle.