Do you live smart as well? Urban homes consider traditional pattern of kitchen and living space in the downstairs whereas bedrooms in upstairs. This pattern of home construction is going on since the beginning of planning home designing. But new age trendy architecture planning wants you put some idea of reverse planning. How about considering your ground space for bedrooms and study and kids room while kitchen and dinning in the upstairs. Those who have already tried out the pattern will never consider the old technique anymore.

Here’s why you should consider ‘upside-down living’

How about a whole view?

Reverse living is fun! Do you know it gives you experience of Bird’s eye view? Who doesn’t love a panoramic view from an elevated position? The downside of looking out from ground level is struggling to look up to the skyline view as they are disturbed byfences, neighboring houses, garages. While on the upstairs you can easily dive in nature. Everyone loves to spend some romantic family or couple time in serenity by watching sky still its stretches. This reverse living will add extra romanticism to your leisure time. Are you considering living in a beach-side apartment? If yes, then you should definitely choose reverse living as everyday life heads in top of the world. Even, the cities and sub-urbs can choose floor flipping as the families need peace after chaos of everyday life.

Choose Sunlight and save daylight

Natural light is highly recommended by doctors these days. You cannot ignore the necessity of sunlight in your daily life as maintaining healthy body, healthy brains, and boosting energy of your children all day long is priority. Even in summer time, the cool breeze prevails everywhere through cross-ventilation. One of the reason to set up reverse living is it curb the negative energy of the house, kills bacteria prevents allergy based disease in kids. Some of the finest allergy free home services in Melbourne consider upside-down living way more important for our health as it optimizes our soul, mind and body internally

Have enough space

Are you one of those families who throw party every Saturday night? The one-storey houses are so compact that they rarely left any space for partying. Every timeyou host a party, your find may find it uncomfortable. Reverse living left you with enough open space for your families and friends. Often time kids cry over how they cannot get enough places to play in the living room. Do not stresses over such trivial issue once star living smart.

Plenty of privacy

The more children turn into adults, you must consider a bit of privacy for them. Allowing privacy and keeping privacy between families are important. Everybody has a mind and space of their own that they can only expand in their private space. Children need private space for studying. In one storeybuilding having this privacy is out of the question. Zoned living does not interfere in privacy as they do not disturb others members of your family even a visitor comes without notice.

High ceiling level

The more higher the lengths of ceiling, the more the house look classy and elegant. You get the scope of constructing high ceiling level. This style of planning is best friend of architectures and interior designers as it left them with plenty of free space to work on the wall. They consider installing wall hanging, graphic hanging, vintage photo albums, and bookshelves for the high walls.

Making a dreamy house is something you have thought and curated with love and affection. Go for everything best and have an eye for detailing.

Author's Bio: 

The author is an entrepreneur who best known for his work in new age reverse living and the right way to set up a upside-down house.