If you have an “incurable” condition, you may be asking yourself if there is any possibility that incurable conditions can be reversed. The answer is, “Yes.”

Just because modern allopathic medicine may not have a cure, doesn’t mean that healing isn’t possible. The journey of self-healing is about discovering the power and the path within you.

If you have read my book, “The Root of All Healing,” you know that when I was faced with MS, I decided I was not going to live with that forever. I decided I was not going to lose muscle strength, cognitive abilities, speech, vision, sex drive, or end up in a wheel chair.

I didn’t even become fearful that I might. I simply did not allow myself to spend any time with doubts that tried to creep in. I decided immediately that this was going to be a challenge worth every ounce of my self-healing attention and I went to work.

On the blog here, you’ve probably listened to the audio story about my friend Kevin, who lost actual muscle tissue, yet still rebuilt his knee until he was able to walk normally. Remember, he was told might end up in a wheel chair.

Colds and flu are supposed to be incurable. We are told we just need to ride them out, and yet I have turned both colds and flu around—stopping them in their tracks with sound and intention. I have friend that do the same with their own energy medicine.

How about you? Do you know someone that had an incurable health challenge,
yet somehow healed? Have you heard about someone that overcame a seemingly overwhelming odds?

For some of us, and maybe for you, overwhelming odds are motivating. Here is the opportunity. “No-known cure” means that it is time to find one—inside of you! Think of it this way. You don’t have a small hill to climb. For whatever reasons, you have a mountain. But there you are, standing at the base of the mountain looking up. You could walk away and live with the condition. Or you can discover the equipment and tools you already have (inside of you), learn how to use them, find your inner strength and head up the mountain.

You can stay at the bottom of the mountain or climb it. The choice is yours to make. And it helps to know that it IS a choice. Here is the good news. You are passionately loved regardless of what you choose. You can’t fail or make a wrong choice. It is your life. If you have a chronic condition, life is going to be difficult whether you engage your healing power or your don’t. You get to choose how you want to be with the challenge.

Regardless of what you choose, I would offer this for your consideration. When the odds seem overwhelming, open to the abundant, unconditional love that is available to you. Then, whatever you choose, accepting this love will open up reserves of inner strength you may not have realized you have.

Once, when I was feeling quite stuck and meditating with the essence of my stuckness, a wise message came to me. “Open to the marvelous reality waiting for you on the other side of the stuckness.”

I did. And the stuckness vanished. The overwhelming odds disappeared. Soon, I was simply moving forward, grateful for each and every gift that came to help me. I got so used to welcoming in this wonderful reality, I don’t even remember anymore what I was feeling so stuck about! But I can tell you at the time, my sense of overwhelm and doubt consumed me.

May I suggest that you welcome in the wonderful reality waiting for you on the other side of your health challenge. Welcome it in like you would welcome your most dear friend or loved one. If in that welcoming, you feel your healing beckoning you, surrender to the wonder of being at the top of the mountain. Then take one step and another, every day.

When the thought passes through your mind that this condition is incurable and non-reversible, just giggle because you now know a little secret about self-healing. There is something waiting for you to discover, beyond the word “incurable.”

Author's Bio: 

Misa Hopkins is the author of the best-selling book, “The Root of All Healing: 7 Steps to Healing Anything”, which has been named the first-aid handbook for the new 21st Century consciousness. She is also Spiritual Director and founder of New Dream Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to global spiritual family and honoring the sacred feminine. With over 30 years of teaching and training experience, including teaching hundreds of healers, and now as a spiritual counselor, Hopkins is an astute observer of human motivation and potential. Her observations about the healing progress of her clients, students and friends, and her own miraculous healings led her to ground-breaking conclusions about why people remain ill, even when they are trying to become well. Hopkins recognized that illness may actually meet unconscious needs you aren’t even aware exist. In her book, workshops and articles, she provides insights about how to break through the limits of illness to experience the freedom and joy of wellness.