Author: Brad J. King
Publisher: Abundant Health Systems
ISBN: 978-098106420-8

Brad J. King, author of Beer Belly Blues: What Every Aging Man and the Women in His Life Need to Know is a well-known nutritional researcher and performance nutritionist. In addition to his latest book, he has also authored ten other books. He is also an inductee into the Canadian Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame and the sports nutritionist for Athletes United; one of the worlds most esteemed sports organizations and he sites on the board of directors for CHI-the premiere sports nutrition education center.

Using humor and a fictional character Fred, who receives a wake-up call one day where he is invited to his 25th high school class reunion, Beer Belly Blues examines the physiological and psychological difficulties that men can expect when they reach middle age. Clinically this is referred to as andropause or as King mentions, the “Grumpy old man syndrome,” according to some women. Fred can't believe what has happened to his body over the past twenty-five years where he has gone from someone who was named “Best Athlete” by a committee of his peers to a basket case.

The story of Fred's health problems are narrated with a lightness that lets the reader laugh while at the same time conveying some very important information concerning such topics as: the beer belly and its ramifications, aching back, knees and shoulders and the swallowing at your own risk of such pain killers as Advil and Aleve, the importance of the prostate examination and the PSA blood test, loss of hair, and gynecomastia or more commonly known as growing “man boobs.”

King devotes considerable ink to the topic of lower testosterone levels which, according to him, is scientifically linked to muscle loss, increase in body fat, osteoporosis, hair loss, insomnia, loss of interest in sex, depression, erectile dysfunction, difficulty with concentration and memory, energy loss, and increased risk for cardiovascular diseases.

The second half of the book provides concrete suggests as to how to deal with many of these problems. And if you are looking for a boilerplate white paper on the principles of diet, nutrition and how to lose weight, you won't find it here. In fact, King briefly sums it up, eat less, eat better, smarter and cleaner. Probably your mother and/or grandmother told you the same thing. What King does emphasize is eating smarter and how to have a better understanding of how diet affects your hormones, especially insulin. The usual other suggestions as the need to exercise and the importance of nutrients are likewise explored.

What is particularly interesting about this book are the appendices. The first deals with the testing of testosterone levels and who should have one. The second one explores various nutrients and what to expect according to King from the various products on the market. One caveat, as is the case with all nutrients, it is imperative to consult with your medical doctor prior to taking any of these, particularly if you are on any kind of medication. There is an extensive bibliography, however, there is no index.

No doubt King has done a great deal of research and I agree that a team approach to taking care of your health is advisable where you consult with a medical doctor as well as members of the other health professions. However, just as you should question your medical doctor, it is also imperative that you question other health professionals. Blindly accepting studies and papers that have not been scientifically peered reviewed are meaningless and could lead to some disastrous consequences.

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