Author: Ernest Quansah

ISBN: 978-1-46643-316-8

Using his many years of experience as a love relationship expert coupled with a good deal of research, Ernest Quansah has authored an informative primer with his Do's & Don'ts of Relationships: Nine Steps to a Deeper, Richer Love Relationship (Volume 2) providing a common sense approach concerning successful dating experiences and how to avoid love relationships and marriages from falling apart.

Succinctly, as mentioned in the introduction, the book is about relationship success and how to attain it. No matter how much our society has evolved in various achievements, love relationship success remains elusive as evidenced by the high divorce rate which in the USA now hovers around sixty percent. We read about it, we watch television shows like Dr. Phil about it, however, unfortunately we barely recognize the problem, and do very little about it until it is too late. Perhaps, if we thought like surgeons, we would fix what is broke and cautiously analyze the kind of relationship we are seeking, the kind of male or female we are born to be with, what we bring to the table, adopting a discipline to search and find our soul mate and paying attention to the kind of choices we are making. We would try to seek out recipes for successful romance rather than for disaster.

The organization of Do's & Don'ts of Relationships begins with dating and then moves onto love relationships, marriage and winds up with putting together a success plan to break-up proof your relationships and divorce-proof your marriage. Readers certainly will not complain that there is not enough meat on the bone, as Quansah covers a great deal of territory offering dozens of tips concerning the above topics as well as many more such as understanding the sexes, building self-confidence, secrets to attaining success in a relationship, dating tips and winning the dating game, preventing infidelity, abusive behavior, behavior to absolutely avoid in relationships, behavior to pursue, don't get married to get divorced, thriving after divorce, developing a success plan and many more important issues.

These topics are detailed at length providing practical advice that Quansah backs up with concrete anecdotes taken from his own professional practice. For example, as he states, “everyone wants to be happy and successful at love, but how do you know if the person you have met is the right one?” Addressing this query, Quansah offers six suggestions: know what you want, be strategic, hook 'em with a powerful incentive, seek confirmation, nurture the relationship, and be available. In another section concerning dating, Quansah delves into questions as to why your phone calls are not being returned, how to send the right message, adopting a dating philosophy, what do men and women really want, when do you know he or she loves you, and when do you bring home your loved one to meet mamma and papa? In addition, useful tips are offered and fully explained for making a hit on your dates such as being respectful, authentic, honest, loyal, a good listener, sensitive, reasonable, don't be late, don't show up unprepared, don't bring your problems, don't bash the opposite sex, don't overdo it, don't forget your wallet, and don't ignore your intuition.

Although Do's & Don'ts of Relationships doesn't exactly break new ground, it does pull together the hundreds of articles that have been published over the years into one neat package. The information offered here is truly timeless as it uncovers for us the fundamental reasons why love relationships fail and what we can do to avoid failure which is dished up in a folksy writing style. The result is an instructive tome that will not only prove helpful to those that have not yet found their soul mate but even to old cougars like myself that have been married for over forty years. There is always room for improvement and yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Ernest Quansah has more than ten years of dating, relationship & marriage counseling experience. He has a certificate in Counseling from The University of British Columbia (UBC). In addition, he has a background in Philosophical counseling from The University of Fraser Valley (UFV). He is the owner and operator of Online Dating, Relationship & Marriage School (ODRMS, which you can find out more about by Clicking:


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