Due to my sensitive skin, fancy treatments and expensive creams were off the table. So, at the advice of my dermatologist, I took a different “inside-out” approach. I began spiking my morning smoothie or coffee with a scoop of ground-up cow or fish parts -- aka collagen.

Within a month, my acne abated, replaced with a rosy glow. And within 3 months, I noticed a host of other unexpected changes. My nails were thicker. My hair stopped falling out in the shower. And I could dance without pain from my knee osteoarthritis.

“It is not a miracle,” I stresses, noting that I also cleaned up my diet and added a probiotic to my daily routine. “But I believe the liquid collagen and liquid mulitvitamins are helping.” I am going to give you pros and cons of liquids I am taking before you try them out. 

Secret Lab Anti-Aging Collagen Liquid Review

Secret Labs® launches Magic Potion® in the UK. Magic Potion® is unlike any Collagen Supplement you have tried before. Compare the ingredients to your current product! Why pay more for less? . Magic Potion® has been years in the making and contains SO much more than the competition including a whopping 10,000MG of PURE Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, and Silic + Much More. Results were seen after just one bottle, and one bottle costs just £19.95. Forget about Botox, Collagen Creams, and Costly Procedures. There are the following benefits you get from this Collagen liquid.


  • Fight the early signs of Ageing from within with Magic Potion.
  • Easier to take than tablets and with way more Collagen and ingredients.
  • Less hassle than powders and Liquid Collagen is more easily absorbed than both tablets and powder
  • Potent Anti-Ageing Formula
  • Tastier than Collagen Gel Sachets and contains MORE Collagen and ingredients.
  • In liquid form, unlike powder or tablet, a more concentrated dose of vital ingredients can be packed into a small serving.
  • It’s been confirmed that drinking collagen stimulates collagen production in the body and encourages skin and tissue regeneration.
  • Contains both Type 1 and 3 Collagens
  • We ask you to compare the ingredients and the improved effectiveness of Liquid Collagen. View our comparison to Absolute Collagen on our site. Find out more at www.secretlabs.org


Collagen liquid may lead to side effects, such as a bad taste in the mouth, heartburn, and fullness.

Secret Lab Everything You Need Review


  • Liquid vitamins provide higher potency and depending on your dosage.
  • Provide you with higher absorption rates than the traditional pill. 
  • Boasts a multitude of liquid vitamin products, from Liposomal Vitamin C and Glutamine to Liquid Iodine and Vitamin B12
  • Fights the Virus and Colds with our IMMUNE DEFENSE Liquid Multivitamin
  • Instead of taking 20 different Vitamin Tablets, this Liquid Multivitamin has the lot! Vitamin D, C, and more.


The risk of taking liquid is that some ingredients are less stable in a liquid state, resulting in a loss of ingredients value and effectiveness over time. This is of particular concern with vitamins such as vitamin C and folic acid. Moreover, some liquid supplements may require refrigeration making them difficult to take with you during the day or when traveling.

You can buy direct from www.secretlabs.org.

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