People with low self esteem suffer from self doubt and questions their own worthiness.

They live unhappy lives and spend their lives wishing they are living the life of others.

People with low self-esteem also tend suffer more from illnesses than people with a healthy self-esteem.

Building healthy self-esteem is vital if you want to live a happy and fulfilling life.

The steps below are revolutionary methods meant to help you improve self-esteem.


Tonight, when you go to sleep, don’t dwell on the unhappiness of your life. Don’t go thinking how you wish things are so and so and how you wish you’re not living the life you are living, etc.

Just forget everything that you are for the moment and go to sleep thinking you already are what you wish to be. If you wish to be a world famous sports star or ultra-successful entrepreneur, then go to sleep thinking you already are that kind of person.

Don’t just wish for it. Think it and visualize you already are that person.

As you go to sleep carrying this belief, your mind will imprint it in your subconscious, and as you do this continuously every night, you will wake up starting to believe it.

And as you start to believe it, you start to manifest it in your daily life. As you start to manifest it, you start to make it happen instinctively.

This is the power of dream suggestion. It is a powerful method of inducing healthy self-esteem.


Another way by which you can develop positive self-esteem is by listening to a hypnotic suggestion through a recorded tape while you are sleeping.

This technique employs almost the same principle as the first one except in this case, your auditory senses are used.

There are many audio cassette tapes, recordings, and podcasts that talk about building developing self-esteem. You can choose any one of these recordings and listen to a different recording every night.


Still, another method by which you can build a healthy self-esteem is by actually not caring what other people think about you.

If you cultivate an attitude wherein you don’t let other’s opinion affect you or what you do, your self-esteem will be better.

By not caring what other people think, you allow yourself more freedom to be yourself. By being true to yourself, you increase your happiness, and your self-esteem rises.

If you concentrate on your own happiness, and forget what other people think, you satisfy your own needs, and in the end, your life is more fulfilled.


You don’t have to buy expensive clothes or have plastic surgery to improve your looks. Just dress normally, be well groomed and have good general hygiene.

Also it's important to exercise and maintain a good physique. Obese, overweight people are often the number one demographic group leading in low self-esteem.

Obese people do not have a healthy self-esteem of themselves.

You really don't want to become fat and overweight.

Not only will you have trouble maintaining high self-esteem, you’ll also be hard-pressed to remove yourself from that rut because fat, unhealthy food is addictive, and as everyone knows only too well, it's a lot easier to pile on the pounds that it is to lose it

Start applying these revolutionary and effective methods everyday of your life and soon you’ll be brimming with a healthy self-esteem and enjoying a richer and more fulfilling life.

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The way we view and feel about ourselves has a profound effect on how we live our everyday lives. Being confident and having a healthy self esteem will make you so much happier and open up so many more opportunities in your life. Learn effective ways to explode your self esteem and confidence so you can achieve more happiness, fulfilment and success in your life.