A shiny star. A treat for good behavior. A bonus in your paycheck. Ahhh…rewards.

Why don’t we reward ourselves more often?

We think of it for children. We think of it for our employees. We know the concept exists.

We need to reward ourselves and we need to do this OFTEN.

Take a piece of paper and make a list of ten rewards you could give yourself. This could range from a new book to a massage.

To help you make your list, ask yourself these questions:

• What would feel really good after exercising everyday for a week? (Hint: a massage)
• What food have I been craving that I could let myself have once a week, and thoroughly enjoy?
• What have I wanted to take the time to do?
• What person would I like to spend time with?
• What movie would I really like to see?

I have a feeling that once you get going, you will think of new ways to reward yourself.

Life should not be about getting more done, working harder, and checking items off a to-do list.

It cannot always be about your work or taking care of other people.

When you take care of yourself, you will take better care of everyone and everything else around you.

Part of taking care of you, is treating yourself to a new toy, a special outing, or time with someone you care about.

You will smile more often, you will look forward to your reward, and you deserve this little addition of fun in your life!

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserves your love and affection.” -Buddha

© 2010 Diana Fletcher

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Diana Fletcher is the Stress Reducing Expert Coach, Speaker and Author. Her latest book, Reduce Your Stress Month by Month Stress Reducing Strategies is available at www.reduceyourstressbook.com. Contact Diana and get more information on Diana Fletcher’s programs at www.dianafletcher.com