Physical therapist assistants are considered 'health care workers' as well. Physical therapist assistant jobs usually include teaching patients various ways of coping with their limited movements. Naturally, this means performing these tasks under the supervision and direction of a licensed physiotherapist. There are actually multiple types of jobs available in this career and the salary may vary depending on the tasks and the workplace.

In several states in the US, you will be required to get a license first before you qualify for physical therapist assistant jobs and some regulatory bodies in the United States and Canada often categorizes this function as 'support personnel'. There are actually various titles attached to this type of job. Accordingly, in this role you can be designated, not just as an assistant to the physiotherapist, but as an attendant as well. They are also known as 'rehabilitation assistants' as well as 'restorative care and therapy assistants'.

PTA jobs should not be mistaken for occupational therapist roles that aims to maximize the daily activities of the patients. The duties entrusted by the physiotherapist to his/her assistant is diverse and this may include the clinical care of the patients, assisting in planning of treatment programs, educating and supporting the patient and providing them with physical and psychological care, submitting accurate information about the patient in a timely manner, implementation of the devised treatment plan under the direction and supervision of a physiotherapist, assisting the patient's self-mobility development, assisting patients with their cognitive programs, maintaining the equipment and performing group exercises and activities.

As physical therapist assistant jobs are currently in demand, the salary is pretty competitive as well. Based on statistics, the average salary of this career can be around $45,000 to $85,000 per year in both US and Canada. This can go higher with a license, as some positions do require a license before practice. Having a license is also an edge over other applicants, as well as having a first aid and CPR certification. The job description of an assistant may change along with consequential expertise, growth in experience and with the ability to multi-task. These can also help an individual draw an even higher salary per year. However, you should know that physical therapist assistant jobs and salary may vary depending on your workplace, the company you are working for, your chosen industry, your location and of course, your background in this field.

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