Rewriting the Script: After Divorce
Carol S. Batey
After the divorce was over, “I asked, where I go from here?” I would like to share my process for myself about my marriage ending, learning to live in the present without partner and looking into the future. My for process creating rewriting the script after divorce is based on forgiving, setting intentions and desires, letting go the old patterns of thoughts that have shaped and formed my life and character.
I bought a journal to write my inner thoughts. It wasn’t all nice as I wrote, but my true feelings were there. Before I started to write my expressions I entered into a silence as way of quieting the inner chatter of my mind. This is also a place where I connected with my Higher-self on what my soul wanted to express. Higher-self is that part of us that only wants what is true and good for our souls. I emptied my negative emotions and sad feelings of my soul things that had taken place seem to appear differently. My pen would simply do the thinking and writing for my souls expressions. I didn’t judge my writings. Inner feelings just simply emerge from my mind and heart. I shared my writing with no one.
After reviewing my journal, I begin to see a pattern that had within my past relationships. I knew it was the right time to rewrite my script for new solutions for stepping into a new life. The learned lessons from writing and reviewing helped me understand how to use it for my growth.
There have been so many losses within my divorce I am sure you can relate. But I had to learn to see the bigger picture. I lost my home, church, self-esteem, money, job, security, family members, children and life-style. These losses brought about grief, just like the mourning that occurs after a physical death. But yet, within a divorce there is no physical death of a body just the ending of martial relationship that no longer worked. Embracing this grief and accepting it, was a choice I made in order to bring in the newness. As I wrote down daily of the lessons learned room was being made for another script! Here are my tips on how I have rewritten my script after a marriage of 21 years!
After my divorce, I encountered obstacles that steered me from my course. In order to combat the obstacles, I made sure to set time aside daily to write and date my entry. It helps me to see my progress. Being kind with me as I wrote not judging my work! When tears came I just let them flow. I wrote my past in order to see where I had been. Understanding what worked and what didn’t in my past relationships.
Setting my intentions of what will be in my new life. The choice is ours as to what we desire in life. I chose to use my inner powers to find the tools and strength to gain the understanding necessary to rewrite my new life. Writing an affirmation as I use is as a positive statement for my new life. For example: “I am a new creature, I am loving and supportive to myself and others.” Developing a “spiritual practice” silence, meditation, affirmations, prayers, seeking good reading material, watching good programs, eating healthy foods, exercising and journaling. Forgiveness is the key to moving on. Writing a letter, not mailing it to my spouse. Letting go of all people, places and things that have not supported my best interests.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Carol Batey, Doctor of Metaphysics and Lifestyle Coach, mother of six. Was married for 21 years. Her mission is to empower her readers to seek a spiritual and personal transformation in their lives after divorce! Forthcoming new book is Rewriting the Script:After Divorce