Rewriting the Script: After Divorce
By Dr. Carol S. Batey (Feb 13, 2012) Copyright
Every individual in an event, marriage, divorce or situation perceives it differently. I was no different now, about my divorce. I rewrote my script after divorce now I am sharing the process. Get a notebook lying around or go buy one. Simply let you pen do the writing for your soul. Or, you can use your personal computer. Don’t judge your writings let your inner feelings emerge from your soul. I don’t suggest sharing your journal with anyone, unless you are in s support group and you trust sharing. After reviewing your journal, you will begin to see the hidden patterns that exist within your past relationships. These hidden relationships will provide you with the solutions you need to rewrite your script the way you choose.
Write daily and freely. Find a place where you will not be distracted. When I start to journal I dedicate my time to an Ascending Master, a spiritual healer or teacher who once walked this Earth. For example. Jesus, Buddha or Krishna. I choose the Archangel Uriel to watch over my thoughts and give me meaning into the situations. How many losses have you had? In a divorce or break-up there are losses of homes, self-esteem, church or spiritual home, money, jobs, security, family members, friends and a life-style. These losses bring about grief, just like the mourning that occurs after a physical death, your heart needs to heal from the sadness, loss, grief, loneliness and betrayal. Embracing this grief as a part of the learning lessons and process. Yes, you will feel vulnerable and want to hide from the world, but by embracing the grief, you can work through it and become stronger. This process will assist you on who you want to become. While grieving, think loving thoughts about what you want to recreate. Become reacquainted with nature by talking walks or hikes. Go to the zoo and visit with the animals. See I there is anything that you can learn from them. If you have lost friends or family members, seek out new ones and build a support group.
Don’t force any major changes; they will all come when you are ready. Changes and losses are not the end of the world you are not a victim for suffering. You soul may be wounded for the moment, but you are an over comer in rewriting your own script just the way you choose. Give yourself permission to heal and let go of the past, you will be able to forgive and move on. You are brave enough to look at the entire lesson bringing brought to your soul that you have call into existence. Don’t run away from the gift the lessons thank the other person’s soul for bringing this lesson to your soul. Bless them daily until the negative feelings go away.
Put roses by your bed buy some rose water anoints your room and head. Make room for love to enter your life. I have two pink peonies in my bed room as a reminder of love for me.
• Tips on how to Rewrite:
• You will encounter obstacles that will steer you from your course. Set time anyway to write your new script. Date you entry, make a start.
• Set your intentions in regard to what you desire in your new life. You are not wounded, you are an over comer.
• Write an affirmation and use it as a positive statement for your new life. Post the affirmations where you can see them.
• Develop a spiritual practice that includes: silence, meditation, affirmative prayers, seeking good reading material, watching and listening to uplifting programs, attending a center for workshop, eating healthy foods, writing in a journal, exercising, painting and cooking. Do anything positive and practice forgiveness.
Forgiveness is a must write a letter to someone mail it or tear it up. Release the old hurt, shame and guilt then move forward. Do the same for yourself. Let go of people , places and things that no longer serve your best interest.
• Ask for assistance from Infinite Spirit that flows through you for your inner healing.

Please let me know if helps you, dear one.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Batey is an author of 7 books, Now writing about how to tranform after divorce.