RFID laundry tags have been used successfully for years to mark items that have undergone an industrial washing process. They are also often used in the case of work wear, allowing them to be used to automate the storage, issuance, rental, and inventory process.

RFID laundry tags that can adhere to garments and are resistant to different washing processes and chemicals. They withstand autoclaving processes, high temperatures, and processes where high pressures can be exerted on the tag.

These RFID tags must be resistant to exposure during washing, ironing, drying, and transport. Furthermore, they must have adequate resistance to chemical, mechanical, and temperature influences.

If you add the required reliability and reading certainty to this, you can already see that it is not easy to choose the right labels in this regard. Small hard disk, silicone, or textile labels are most often used as clothing labels.

Using RFID tags in the laundry allows you to significantly automate the entire process. In addition, it allows the separation of workers from the contaminated clothes that are being washed. This is particularly important in the case of providing services to hospitals and similar institutions.

If you use RFID / NFC tags, you will have unprecedented opportunities to improve efficiency and increase quality at almost every stage. It will have new tools provided by radio frequency identification technology. This will allow you to significantly modernize and automate almost any process. Everything will be easier to monitor and improve if necessary.

In addition, we have a wide range of high-quality and inexpensive RFID tags suitable for this type of application. Thanks to a wide production base and many years of experience, if required, we can also design and produce RFID / NFC tags, tailored to your conditions and requirements.

Our company, as a distributor of all types of labels and an experienced specialist in the field of RFID / NFC, can help you find the optimal solution in this field.

If you are looking for the optimal solution in the field of RFID / NFC applications, don't hesitate! We are focused on solving problems in the field of RFID / NFC technology. Not only simple but also very complex.

However, if your needs require an individual and innovative approach, it is even better. We are the most passionate about these tasks! Of course, we can also help you to integrate RFID (NFC) applications with other solutions, such as: monitoring systems, alarm systems, timing systems.

In addition, registration and inventory systems, automatic identification systems, QR and barcode readers, etc. Even sports competitions, NFC on the phone, dog tags, work clothes, automation of laundry services, museums, schools, communication, aviation.

The RFID laundry tag withstands multiple washes. It is used on labels cooked inside garments. The chip inside these tags ensures that identification is simple and fast through RFID readers. Multiple readers can read RFID tags simultaneously. These labels are very convenient for organizing garments and for logistics management in the apparel industry.

These labels are used in clothing factories, laundry shops, medicine logistics, chemical industries, among others.

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RFID Laundry Tags are perfect for tracking garments and are able to withstand multiple wash cycles.