The RFID wristband with electronic chip offers great ease for the user, in all environments where the plastic RFID card is not easy to carry: swimming pools, saunas, spas, beaches, fitness, gyms. An efficient identification solution and low price. If you want to know what are rfid wristbands then check the following link for more!

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is transforming all kinds of events: it allows a more agile and fluid entry, eliminates counterfeit entries, and replaces cash with electronics to be able to consume without using the wallet; all this, concentrated in a bracelet.

The public today demands that an event be interactive. A quick and effective entrance to the farm or the place with real-time information on each attendee.

Recitals, parties, races, massive events have in common the possibility of implementing RFID technology: the so-called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) that is beginning to transform events and works through a chip that communicates with a scanner through signals from the radio. The technology supports entry for multi-day events and provides easy access to various areas within an event (such as a VIP).

In events, the RFID chip is generally embedded in a wristband or identification card, which is read by scanners or readers located at strategic points such as entry and exit doors, restricted areas, and internal areas of the event. There are 2 varieties of RFID chips: long and short-range. The short-range one must be placed near the reader to be scanned. Long-range chips can be much further from the reader, they are used, for example, in sports racing.

This new technology has numerous possibilities: pay for the drinks at the event by showing your bracelet to a reader (attendees can add their credit card information to the RFID bracelet before the event to be able to buy without the need for cash) and it will no longer be strange So rare that messages or photos are sent to social networks using just a bracelet.

Among the most obvious advantages is agility at entry: attendees simply show their bracelet or ID card on a sensor to enter: there will be no more lost printed tickets and eternal waiting at the door. Another important advantage is the incorporation of information in real-time, this data can help you have an idea of ​​where to place food stands, restrooms and sponsor stands, eliminating bottlenecks. Say goodbye to fake tickets: Unlike traditional printed tickets, RFID chips have a unique identifier that makes it impossible to duplicate it.

With this technology, the accent is placed on the social and all its possibilities: with the linking of emails and social networks to RFID, by making use of their wristband or identification card, attendees will be able to automatically publish pre-written tweets, messages Facebook or photos of the event on Instagram immediately sharing what you are experiencing.

Adjustable strap size. The strap can be of the definitive closure type to avoid the use of the bracelet by several people. In this case, the watch can be used many times by changing only the strap. The RFID wristband watch offers a good communication distance with the proximity reader.

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RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and uses radio waves to transmit information between two or more devices.