Who in this world doesn’t want to look good? Often defects involving a specific organ or a part of the body may spoil your overall appearance. To address such issues there are many cosmetic procedures available now. This may include surgeries for the eyes, lips and other parts. Among these, rhinoplasty or nose job is a common surgery opted by many, which is provided to correct a defective nose. The word rhinoplasty is of Greek origin and it means to give shape. Reconstruction of the nose is provided and thus, the size and shape of the nose are corrected depending on the needs and requirements of patients. Not only do people opt for this nose surgery for getting a beautiful nose shape, but they also go for it for functional reasons. Patients who suffer from nasal trauma, asthma and respiratory problems may also opt for it.

Some common reasons for considering rhinoplasty surgery are:

• Nasal bumps

Rhinoplasty is ideal for correcting bumps on the nose. This is done so that the nose is in line with the other features of the face.

• Bulbous tip

If the nose tip is very large and out of proportion, it would draw excessive attention. With the help of an efficient plastic surgeon, the appearance of the bulbous tip can be improved to a great extent.

• Twisted nose

Rhinoplasty is a common procedure for enhancing the appearance of a nose that is misshapen. Since the procedure is quite complicated, a reliable ENT surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon should be chosen for performing it.

• Length of the nasal tip

Rhinoplasty is considered by some people for shortening the tip of a long or over projected nose. On the other hand, people may also opt for this nose surgery for correcting an under projected or small nose.

• Droopy nose

As a person grows old, the nose will droop owing to gravity and the process of aging. The sagging of the nose can be corrected with the help of rhinoplasty. A more youthful appearance can be created.

• Broken nose

This surgery is ideal for patients who have nasal fractures, caused by injury or accidents. In such cases where the nose is damaged, its appearance can be restored to a more natural shape through rhinoplasty.

• Congenital defects

Nose surgery can be provided to rectify congenital defects, and help in creating a more functional and natural looking nose.

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