Creating a sense of stability and developing patterns that are beneficial and in alignment with your hopes and dreams in the weight loss department are nothing other than patterns that you consciously or unconsciously for that matter, that turn into everyday happenings in your life. Developing the routines that support your goals and aspirations are essential to your success.

Let’s view this scenario of yours in an alternate light. Think for a moment about how it takes a painter to be precise and accurate with their cutting lines or a professional cake decorator to craft masterpieces with their piping bags, both of these crafts must be cultivated on a regular basis to develop the well-defined and clear-cut boundaries and meticulous specifics for their job. Whichever way you slice the enchilada regarding their jobs and yours, you end up with a clean sweep in the unanimous department. What’s that you may be wondering…clean cut effort, dedication and the willingness and drive to make a difference in your days. Will all days be perfect? Absolutely not! Does anyone expect flawlessness? Absolutely not! And if you answered yes to any of these questions, step off your own pedestal and get in the game of life where no one is free from setbacks, disappointments and hurdles.

Why not take a good, hard look this morning at defined, true movements that must be practiced on a habitual basis to cultivate the lifestyle you are looking toward.

~Time spent pondering your positive attributes and accomplishments.
~Patience and your ability to tolerate one day at a time.
~Daily awareness of healthy portion size and the fortitude to adhere to the guidelines.
~The capability to reward you for your efforts and moment-to-moment attempts.
~An assortment of movement that is built into each and every week.
~Preparation in all areas of your life: school, work, home, organization, shopping, family, etc.
~Willingness to hold yourself accountable and take 100% responsibility for yourself.
~Faith in yourself to make a difference in your life.

There are no gimmicks, no trap doors and no amounts of money that will provide you with what you told me you are working so diligently toward. You, yourself and your own will is all that is needed to make your objective see the light. Pull up your pant strings, fasten your seat belt and embrace the challenge ahead of you for one more day until the infamous day arrives when your almighty calls you into their graces and then I guess I’ll “catch you later.”

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