There’s long been a rift between conventional medicine and alternative forms of healing.
Evidence has become profoundly important in Western society, and especially for the healthcare industry. Doctors rarely stray from the treatments recommended by guidelines that are recognized by regulators, governments, and insurers.

But integrative medicine recognizes the potential value of some forms of alternative healing, despite the fact that most lack evidence from the kinds of large clinical trials. Because they lack patents, these treatments rarely get the kind of funding that is needed to conduct these trials.

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What’s the next step for BEAM?

We are hoping to demonstrate that over time we find better ways to get consistent, accurate data from our patients.

Ultimately, I hope to deploy this app more widely to crowdsource data from thousands of CAM providers and millions of patients worldwide. This would be a tremendous resource for leaders and decision-makers at the national and global levels.  For now, though, I am content to focus on measuring our ability to ease the suffering of our patients with chronic pain, to improve their function and quality of life.

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