Discovering Vietnam on a motorbike makes your trip or weekend getaway much more interesting. Riding a motorbike in Vietnam offers incredible experiences that no other form of travel can bring to tourists. Read on some helpful sharings below for a full and meaningful trip to Saigon.

The best time of the year to travel to Saigon

To make your motorbike tour to Saigon complete, you need to know the weather of the city well. Unlike Hanoi with 4 distinctive seasons, the weather in Saigon is often humid with the dry season (December- April) and the rainy season (May-November). Your motorcycle trip in Vietnam will be dotted with sudden rain and sunlight, but tourists will not be annoyed with the weather changes. But, the sunshine of Saigon is not too strong and terrible, the rain does not last too long. When you go out, don't forget to always bring an umbrella or a light raincoat to keep yourself from getting wet.

One certain thing is that you can come to Saigon at almost every time of the year because this vibrant, bustling city is always welcoming curious travelers to immerse in its beauty. With the unique weather and climate, Saigon tourism in each month has its own beauty and charm. To make the trip more meaningful and full of memories, you should come to Saigon on the occasion after Tet holiday (around February, March) to join the biggest full moon festival in Chinatown and the Chinese New Year lantern festival on the Saigon River ... From June to August is also the ideal time for Ho Chi Minh trail motorbike tours, from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. At this time, the weather is cool and suitable for memorable sightseeing activities and many attractive events and bustling festivals for tourists.

How to move within the city when traveling to Saigon
One of the “specialties” of Saigon is the traffic jam. Every morning, from 7:30 to 8:00 and from 5-6 pm in the late afternoon is rush hours, roads in Saigon is full of vehicles, and it will be so tiring for those who have to experience a long road with heavy congestion.
So, if you don’t want to feel overwhelmed in the crowd, you should avoid going out at these hours. Exploring Saigon should go around 9 am onwards, and 7 pm in the evening when there are not too many cars on the streets. Another option is to ask people shorter routes to the tourist destinations you like. We believe that these experiences will help a lot.

Where to visit Saigon?

When riding a motorbike in Vietnam, you will be surprised to stop by Saigon, the key economic and cultural center of the country. Not only famous for modern architecture and old historical sites, but Saigon also attracts visitors by its unique culture and cuisine. Therefore, this magnificent and crowded city has gradually become an ideal tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Some of the most famous tourist destinations here include:

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

This is the most famous street in Saigon, the crowded gathering place every night of people in Saigon. The most impressive thing here is the unique water music area, funny music shows on weekends, and enjoyable circus as well. Going for a walk in the pedestrian street doesn't cost you an entrance ticket, but coming here seems quite arduous. You have to park the vehicle outside the street, if traveling to Saigon for the first time, it is easy to get lost.

Ben Thanh market

This market is famous for being the largest and oldest one in Saigon, like Con and Han markets in Da Nang. In the morning, the market is quite crowded with lots of local people. This place is home to diverse products that can serve most of your requirements. In addition to household items, clothing, handicrafts, travelers are also impressed with attractive food areas with famous dishes throughout Saigon such as snails, sticky rice, spring rolls, etc.

Ben Thanh Market does not have a specific address, it is located at the intersection of Phan Boi Chau, Phan Chu Trinh, Le Thanh Ton Street.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Referring to the symbol of Saigon, we have to mention Notre Dame Cathedral which is located at No. 1, Paris Commune, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1. It is an architectural work of great historical value and architectural art. This is a living testament to a historical period of the Vietnamese nation. And, behind that magnificent beauty of the Europe-style construction, there are countless interesting stories.

Dam Sen water park

This is one of the most favorite places for relaxing moments and fun of people in Saigon. There are 2 separate areas here with a dry lotus lagoon where visitors can enjoy walking, playing cool games like duck riding, roller coaster, and a water lotus lagoon which is more popular with activities taking place underwater.
Zipline dancing, swimming in the pool, skateboarding, or going around the water maze in Dam Sen are the most fascinating games, bringing a surprisingly refreshing feeling to anyone who comes here.

Cu Chi Tunnels

Located about 70 km from the center of Saigon, Cu Chi tunnels are the place to preserve the transforming map of the army and people of Cu Chi during the 30-year resistance war to bring freedom and independence to Vietnam. Having about 250 km in length, from "The backbone”, the tunnel spreads like a spider web in the ground. In these special historical sites, there are a lot of works including tunnels, trenches, fighting dumps, areas for sleeping and conferences, kitchens, wells, storehouses, etc.

There are also many other fun activities such as shooting, paintball shooting, swimming, boating on the lake, or riding bikes around the tunnels.

Get ready for the new experiences,

Hopefully, with our sharings above, you will have a more specific plan for your upcoming motorcycle trip when riding a motorbike in Vietnam. Remember to leave your experiences in the comment section to share with everyone who has the same passion for travel!

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