From the moment you realize change is inevitable to the moment you begin to feel comfortable again, you experience an in-between and uncomfortable time of transition. For a time, you’re carrying both the weight of the past and uncertainty about the future. It may feel like a huge stone tied to your back, making it difficult to move forward.

There will be moments when you feel exhilarated about new opportunities change creates. And then, there will be moments filled with fear about what lies before you that makes it difficult to keep going.

As you begin walking a different path, you will likely encounter obstacles to overcome, barriers to breakthrough and challenges that could make you consider running back to the world you left behind. But, there is no ‘going back’ to go back to. Every change you experience changes you. You are not the person you use to be and you are not yet the person you have the potential to become.

There are actions you can take during this in-between time to make your roller coaster ride through transition triggered by unexpected change a little smoother:

1. Use the power of your vision for a new future to pull you forward.
· Unexpected change may have taken away the future you thought you would have. It’s also created an opportunity to create a different future that can be even better.

2. Release the burden of beliefs that limit your life, a self-image that doesn’t truly reflect your potential and people who don’t support your dreams.
· Replace them with the truth of what you have accomplished that proves you are capable of creating the life you desire. And, make the commitment to only have people in your life who support your dreams.

3. Repeat these mantras to build your inner strength:

“Keep calm and carry on,” in those moments when you don’t think you can.

“What’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.” This motto of Eric Weihenmayer’s organization No Barriers USA will strengthen your belief in your ability to overcome any obstacle.

“Get excited and succeed,” to shift your focus to the positive opportunities versus the potential threats of the unexpected and unknown.

“Now is not forever.” This too will pass and you will once again feel in control of your life."

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Over the past 30 years, Rita Burgett-Martell has provided career and change management coaching to thousands of individuals across multiple industries, professions, and countries. She is the author of two books: “Change Ready! How To Transform Change Resistance To Change Readiness: A Manager's Guide To Managing and Sustaining Change in the 21st Century Workplace” and “Defining Moments: Seizing the Power of Change to Create the Life You Want.”

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