Can You sense global events before they happen? Do You tap into the energy of Earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves, floods, tornados, or wildfires before they happen?

I know that I do. Here are some things that I notice:

1. A general feeling that things are off or weird. Feeling like it’s a full moon even if it’s not.

2. Feeling like the earth is moving underneath me or difficulty grounding.

3. Head aches

4. Nausea

5. Thoughts or dreams about the natural disaster before they happen by a day to a week before.

6. When I actually hear about an earthquake (or other event) after I’ve been having these feelings, I feel a sense of relief. The same way I feel when I notice it’s a full moon and I’ve felt like I’m going crazy.

What can You do about these feelings of unease related to the Earth’s shifting energies?

Well, nothing is the first thing that comes to mind. We are connected to the Earth, right?

We can’t stop the earth from shifting and changing. We might not even live near the areas affected by the natural disasters. Still, we are having intuitive, emotional, mental and physical warnings about some environmental upheaval about to occur.

Here are some ideas to bring relief for those of You who pre-sense natural disasters.

1. Ask your intuition if the energy You are feeling is directly related to You or if it’s related to the Earth.

2. Take steps to keep yourself grounded. For me that often means staying close to home. Doing things like folding laundry or working in the garden.
Connect with Your intuitive friends. They are most likely feeling similar things. It helps to know You aren’t alone.

3. If You happen to live in an area you’re getting a psychic warning about, then by all means take steps to prepare yourself.

4. Moving your body by walking, dancing, running or any other exercise You are attracted to will help move the energy you’re sensing through your body and release it.

5. Understand that it’s just energy You are picking up on. You can get Yourself aligned no matter what, like riding a wave.

6. Trust and acknowledging that You’re always in the right place at the right time. Following Your intution assures this.

7. Allowing Yourself to feel love and connection with the Earth and know that All Is Well, no matter what.

The Earth cleanses herself of unwanted energy just like we do. We are energetically connected with the Earth. So what happens on the Earth level we can notice in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

The Earth cleanses and realigns her energy in ways such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Just as we cleanse and realign our bodies by digestive disturbances and skin eruptions.

Only a minor percentage of us living on Earth actually experience earthquakes and tsunamis. Much more of us experience natural disasters on the psychic or energetic level.

How can we as energetically and psychically aware people help the Earth and ourselves as we experience these shifting Earth energies?

Here’s the vision I see. We are like dolphins or surfers riding the waves. Dolphins and surfers experience great joy and alignment riding the huge ocean waves. They are able to stay in alignment with Spirit in the shifting energies of the waves.

We, the spiritually aware ones, help the Earth and our fellow beings on this planet by staying energetically aligned in the midst of the shifts the Earth is experiencing now. We each have ways that are natural for us to stay aligned energetically. By keeping Yourself aligned You help the Earth be aligned.

Ways to help the Earth during her periods of realignment:

1. Spread calm loving energy. Transmute fear You experience into LOVE. Then radiate love energy to the Earth and people around You.

2. Meditate. Daily take a few minutes to Yourself. Participate in group planetary healings and mediations.

3. Reiki Yourself or use any other energy healing method You know.

4. Visualize the Earth as a whole and healthy being.

5. Unite with other psychically aware individuals. Did You know as a connected group of aware people we have the power to sooth the Earth? We can see her aligned and help her experience well being. We could communicate energetically with the elements such as fire, water or wind.

6. Ground Yourself.

7. Practice your spirituality, however that looks to You. Use whatever methods help You connect with Your Divine Source.

8. Again, this is important, Release Fear and spread calm and loving energy.

Be like the dolphin or surfer radiating joy as You stay centered and balanced riding the waves.

Author's Bio: 

Using the principles taught at Psychic Potentials Christy DeArment Martin has increased her innate psychic abilities, eliminated paralyzing fears, gained extreme clarity and serenity, and lives successfully. Christy is a catalyst in other’s attaining their desires as well.
Christy became aware of her psychic abilities as a child. She knew she was a Light-worker from a young age and was very aware of the energy around her. Christy DeArment Martin became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2000 which greatly enhanced her innate psychic abilities.
She is a self taught tarot reader and has been giving psychic readings for over 20 years. Christy’s uplifting and expansive reading style leaves the reader with clear insight and a sense of direction.
Christy DeArment Martin is co-founder of Psychic Potentials, located in Colorado. Psychic Potentials offers new and full moon readings, psychic development products and classes, and personal psychic readings.
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