First of all, the list that you choose is the most important aspect of your direct marketing campaign, whether it is direct mail, telemarketing, or e-mail marketing. With so many available on the market today, finding the right mailing lists for sale can be a difficult task.
Mailing lists can be useful to anyone who has something to sell. There are different kinds of mailing lists for sale to accomplish specific groups of prospects. But the question arises. Are all the mailing would be helpful to you? The answer will be NO only, as getting a mailing is not a big deal, instead you need choose the appropriate mailing list for sale.
Let’s have a look who we can reach the perfect mailing lists!

Understand the List Provider
Of course, if you are going ahead to spend money on buying a list you will want to receive quality leads. But before having a research on the quality of lists, there is another aspect to determine. It’s always a good idea to research the company you planning on buying the list form.
If the list provider is well known, then you may able to find references to the quality of email contact information they pass on and reviews from other customers, they are a well known provider you should be able to find references to the quality of email contact information they pass on and reviews from other customers.
By this you can get the information whether the company is selling lawful addresses and also if they are selling targeted contacts.
What Should be There!
It’s understood that nobody wants to throw their money away, so if you want to save your wealth and time then it’s better to research companies that have mailing lists for sale thoroughly before purchasing. Lists should only contain names of people who have opted in making their information available to those who pay for it. Some of the important measures that should be taken:
•The information included in the mailing list for sale ought to include all contact information including business or home address, phone numbers, and email address.
•The best type of email list to buy is one that has been generated from opt in emails that are specifically relating to your particular business.
•The best types of lists are those that are not resold multiple times.

Inspect before Trusting
Another important aspect to select suitable vendors is that you have to check that the lists are genuine. It’s been common that generally the mailing lists for sale are actually rented from their owners, not bought. Most agreements are for one-time use, and others are unlimited usage for restricted time periods. List owners also add in “dummy” names to track their lists and to ensure that they are not being used outside of the usage agreement.
By inspection you will naturally have to pay quite a deal more per address for these, but you can see the difference as the leads will generally be much fresher and you will get a great chance of making an appropriate deal after approaching these people via email.


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Linda Mentzer is a published author and senior marketing manager for an information management company that has helped sell thousands of software products on a global scale. With over 11 years of experience in electronic marketing techniques, Linda has authored articles for several leading business journals, worldwide.