If you still haven't heard of cloud hosting, you probably live under a rock. Cloud hosting has become a modern approach. It is the most-sought technology that business owners now leverage. With the hosted solution, you can access data from anywhere, anytime.

With the rise of cloud hosting, there was a sequential rise in the number of hosting providers. Now, there are many hosting providers that you can choose from to host your applications. But are they suitable for your business needs? Can they save time and money?

Apps4Rent is one such hosting provider. It provides services across 90 countries and is a trusted hosting provider. However, Apps4Rent may or may not cater precisely to your needs. Various Apps4Rent alternatives could help you save both time and money.

Now, let's look at what Apps4Rent offers:

Apps4Rent Hosting

Apps4Rent is a seasoned hosting provider with over 14 years of hosting experience. They use the latest SSD–based data centers to provide a light end-user experience. Their data centers are SSAE-16 certified with the latest SSL data encryption. They even have Microsoft Tier 1 Gold hosting certification. With Apps4Rent, you get 99.9% uptime. They also deploy the latest security measures such as MFA, anti-ransomware, and firewalls to protect your data.

Apps4Rent provides round-the-clock customer service and has a 70.76 index rating. You can enjoy hosting with Apps4Rent at an economical price of $34.95/user/month with $14.97/user/month for the first three months.

Apps4Rent offers 99.9% uptime, as mentioned above. This is where it takes a toll on you in terms of time and money. 99.9% uptime means almost 9 hours of downtime per year.

Thus, here are some Apps4Rent alternatives for QuickBooks Hosting:

Ace Cloud Hosting

Ace Cloud Hosting offers just more than the Apps4Rent alternative. They use high-grade tier III+ data servers that are equipped with high-performance computing servers. This ensures smooth end-user performance, even during heavy usage. The SSDs further complement this that they deploy in their data centers. With Ace Cloud Hosting, you can enjoy 99.999% uptime availability. It greatly minimizes downtime and allows you to work uninterrupted for longer.

Ace Cloud Hosting uses a multi-level security framework to protect your data. On the outside, it is protected by constant armed surveillance, CCTV coverage, and monitored personnel access. Internally, it has IDPS technology, the latest anti-malware/antivirus system, and data encryption with regular security updates. Their data centers are present at six different geographical locations. This ensures credible BCDR backing and continued data access in any crisis. You can enjoy around-the-clock customer service and have a memorable experience. This is evident by their 89.60 Serchen index rating. They have an economical hosting package starting at $34.99 with a 50% discount for new users.


Cloudwalks is a renowned hosting provider. They use AICPA-certified SOC-1 grade data centers. One of their standout features is their optical fiber network. They use intelligent network routing, which assesses its clients' network traffic and charts the shortest route to their destination.

Cloudwalks has a self-deployed OC-192 (10 Gbps) international backbone that can connect to 500 major international/national internet networks. Cloudwalks provides enterprise-grade security as well as 24-hour customer support. They provide up to 99.9% uptime with a 10-day data backup facility. Their pricing plans start at $29/user/month.

Right Networks

Right Networks is a promising Apps4Rent alternative. They use tier III+ data servers equipped with the latest security definitions. Their data centers are equipped with MFA, firewalls, etc., to protect them against unauthorized user access. Their servers are physically protected by guards, with periodic key shuffling and constant CCTV coverage.

Right Networks provides high uptime levels, up to 99.999%. This is possible due to their top-rated servers and around-the-clock IT support. Their basic hosting plans begin at $62.99/user/month. Right Networks has high customer ratings. This is evident by their 79.80 Serchen index rating. They are also recipients of multiple accolades, such as the PRIME Technology Award 2019 by K2 Enterprise.

Summit Hosting

Summit Hosting is another popular Apps4Rent hosting alternative. They deploy SSDs in their data servers, which offer superior performance to traditional HDDs. They deploy SSAE-18 standard data centers and provide 15-days of backup capacity. Summit Hosting has a unique security system known as Summit Security Workspace. It has network segmentation measures, MFA, SSL-certified data servers, and TruGrid-secured user access. For those wishing to enjoy these services, you can have a 14-day free trial. In terms of uptime, they have 99.99% availability. Their hosting package is priced at $55/user/month. Summit Hosting offers excellent customer service and a 70.71 Serchen index rating.


Swizznet is a reliable hosting provider that could be your Apps4Rent alternative. Like Summit Hosting, its data centers are SSL certified as well. They are further SOC-II graded, with the latest anti-malware and data encryption protection. Their cybersecurity is managed by CrowdStrike, an AI-based cybersecurity management system. You can enjoy 99.95% uptime availability with around-the-clock customer support.

Swizznet can provide data backup as far back as 12 months. It adheres to a number of regulations, the most important of which is PCI-DSS. They have a 73.50 Serchen index rating. Swizznet basic plans start at $59.99/user/month and go up to $134.99/user/month.


TheSageNext is a premium hosting provider. They utilize SSD-based data centers that are SSAE-18 certified. These are SOC-1/SOC-2 types with RAID-10 tested drives. Their data centers are equipped with modern HVAC and UPS systems. TheSageNext can provide up to 99.99% uptime availability. With them, you can enjoy around-the-clock customer service.

At Serchen, they have an impressive 89.75 Serchen index rating. They are holders of multiple accolades, such as the Premium Usability 2019 awards by FinancesOnline. TheSageNext deploys multiple security measures, making them a credible Apps4Rent alternative. They are firewalls, IDP systems, data encryption, and the latest antivirus. Their pricing plans start at $30/user/month.


There are many hosting providers out there. But only some are capable of helping you save both time and money. Ace Cloud Hosting is one hosting provider that should be your Apps4Rent alternative. It provides 99.999% uptime availability. A must-have for minimizing service outages to less than 6 minutes/year. Their advanced security measures ensure your data is safe and secure from hackers. You won't face downtime due to any ransomware or any other cyber-attacks. Their QuickBooks hosting packages are economical, with great ROI in the long run.

So, if you are looking for the best Apps4Rent alternative for QuickBooks Hosting, Ace Cloud Hosting is the one you should go for!

Author's Bio: 

Bhavleen is a writer at Ace Cloud Hosting – a leading hosting provider for tax software, with several years of experience in the cloud industry. She loves to research various technologies and has a firm grasp on topics like Accounting, ERP, VDI, and HIPAA.