For you to end up successful in your goal to build muscles, you must familiarize yourself with the best exercise to gain muscle. But this does not mean that you will limit yourself to doing these same exercises in the gym over and over again. These are just exercises that you can incorporate on your usual workout program, and if you already have these exercises on your workout routine, then just put more importance to these five exercises.


A lot of fitness enthusiasts knew that squat exercises are best if you want to build muscles and achieve bigger legs. When you do squats, make sure that you arch your back well, from the time that you pick the weight until you rack it. And make sure to bend your head back, while your chest is pulled out, and your feet should be wider as that of your shoulder width.

Deadlift Exercises

Ideally, deadlift must be done on days that you work your back. This is important in gaining strength, as well as on building thickness on the mid and lower back portion. You can do deadlift exercises at anytime during your workout, but it is better to do such exercises on the later part of your workout routine.

Bench Press Exercises

Fitness trainers often refer to bench press as the “bread and butter” of building the chest, and that is why it’s also considered as one of the best exercise to gain muscle. Bench press helps to build the muscles on your chest area, as well as the triceps at the back of your arms and the front deltoid shoulder muscles as well. This exercise can be done either with barbells or dumbbells, or with the use of a Smith machine, which constrains the path of the barbell, making the exercise moves a little bit easier.

Military Press

When working out your shoulders, military press exercises are the best thing to perform. These exercises are perfect in building a wide and thick look on the upper portion of the body, and that is why it is often called the king of all shoulder exercises. Military Press also trains the front and the side part of the deltoids, and doing this while seated is more stringent than when you are standing.

Straight Leg Deadlifts

This exercise must be part of your hamstring workout. This Straight leg deadlifts is just a simple exercise, although it can be devastating if you do not do it in the right form and movement. And the same with what your do with other deadlifts exercises, you should perform this exercise with your lower back arched and your chest is up, while head is bent back.

If you just incorporate all of this best exercise to gain muscle in your workout program, then you will certainly get the results that you want - a lean and perfect body with bulk muscles. Perform as intense as you can, while making sure that you are doing it in the right form, and you will definitely obtain the maximum benefits of your workout routine. And if possible, include some other exercises on your routine, aside from these five.

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