Are you obtaining maximum results on a daily basis?

If not a good place to start might be with your mindset. You need to prepare yourself for success and it starts with your mindset. To be the best that you can be on a daily basis, you begin by believing that you can be the best at whatever you are attempting to obtain. Once you have that mindset in place you develop what I call a “Right Thinking Mentality”. Once you have clearly defined your thought process, the next step is to determine the right actions to take to make your thinking a reality. Your thoughts become real through your Actions. Consider this: You will get better results if you are able to turn your right thinking into right actions. You cannot accomplish one without the other. When you have these two things in place, you are unstoppable. Right results will happen for you over and over.
Now I don’t know about you, but I do know about people. Most people fail in life because they try to make things too complicated. Instead, learn to begin your thought process with the end in mind. Picture your results and stop letting others determine your results. Winners picture themselves winning. They never consider losing. Their focus is on the end result. With that in mind their actions are focused on winning not losing. The picture they see helps to determine the action they take. They don’t start out the day, doing whatever. That is a big waste of time and talent. As I said, they begin with the end in mind and each action they take is toward a measureable result that will get them there. Watch what people do, you can tell who is successful and who is not, and even why they are successful or not.
Results are predictable when you are taking the right actions. It is almost like clockwork when you watch people perform. Successful people have a plan. Unsuccessful people usually don’t know where to start which wastes a valuable time, as they spin their wheels at the start line. Successful people never have to wait for results to take the next step.
Unsuccessful people still do not know what the next step is. They are still attempting to measure their results from the previous step before taking the next step. But wait! They may not even know what the next step is and have to stop progress, if any, to determine what to do next.
Make a choice to be prepared rather than hopelessly floundering around attempting to figure out what to do next. As I said, it begins with your mindset. I start out each day visualizing my success. I see it happening at the end of the day. Once I get the picture I have created in mind (RIGHT THINKING) I start to put the steps in place that I need to take to have the picture become a reality. This is the RIGHT ACTIONS step of the formula. I mentally list those steps and visualize, again, the actions needed to accomplish what I am visualizing. After much practice, I find that this whole process does not take that much of my time and has become an invaluable asset to my successful results.
Once I have the right thinking in place and add to it the right actions through visualization, I then focus my attention on the law of attraction. What I think about and visualize doing, I can attract into my life. Your measureable results or right results are not far behind.
You see, life is as simple as you make it. Begin your day each day practicing your mindset and start your right thinking moving toward your visualization of right actions which will lead you to the right results.

Writing By
Tim Tupper
CEO Business Increase Solutions

Author's Bio: 

Tim Tupper has 25 years of consulting and training experience. He has worked with over 150 major clients in various industries. He is a published author, as well as authoring all his own training materials tailored to the specific client and their needs for his company Business Increase Solutions, Inc., fondly called BIS.
His expertise is fact-based decision making at all levels. He has concentrated on educating employees at all levels, the advantages of decision making using facts instead of opinions (gut-feel).
His leadership classes focus on the process of clearly identifying tangible and intangible assets, and how to enhance the return on both. All of his teachings focus on the process of returning measureable results that last. Some of Tupper’s clients have been with him for 15 years or more. When clients work with Tupper they get enhancements that will be there for years to come. Ideas become reality and improvements are made with amazing results that are effective. Clients enjoy the training because Tupper’s training materials are fun and interactive.
If you want results that are measureable and sustainable, then Tupper & his company, BIS, are your answers.