The Barbadian singer Rihanna was a guest at Oprah’s Next Chapter Sunday night, when she spoke at length about her relationship with notorious rapper Chris Brown and what is the status of their connection now.

Taking into account that Rihanna and Chris will be forever associated with the 2009 incident when Chris assaulted her, Riri told Oprah an astonishing truth: “I still love him.”

Judge her or understand her, you can't make amendments to her feelings.

Believe me, this came as a surprise even to Opah herself. And while Rihanna made many jaws drop, the 24-year-old singer obviously forgot what happened three years ago.

When it comes to their relationship today, Riri told Oprah: “We’re very, very close friends. We built a trust again and that’s it. We love each other and we probably always will.”

It's more than obvious that Rihanna is still head over heals in love with Chris, 23, who seems to have already moved on and is currently in romantic liaison with model Karrueche Tran.

Well, maybe Chris is dating another girl, but that doesn't change Riri's reaction whenever she sees him.

“My stomach drops. I have to maintain this poker face and not let it get to the outer part of me,” she confessed.
Touched by what she's heard so far, Oprah couldn't help but ask the We Found Love singer if she thinks Chris is her true love. To that, Rihanna burst in tears and said:
“Absolutely! I think he was the love of my life. He was the first love and I see that he loved me the same way. We were very young and very spontaneous. We ran free. We ran wild. We were falling in love going in at a really rapid pace and we forgot about ourselves as individuals.”
The fact that the Barbadian beauty witnessed violence when she as a child at her own home and that she forgave her father for his failures as a husband probably helped her to forgive Brown as well.
"I thought I hated Chris, and I realized it was love that was tarnished. It looked like hate because it was ugly, it was angry, it was inflamed, it was tainted. I had to forgive him because I cared about him still."
You've just witnessed the most honest and emotional confession Riri has ever made and if you liked it stay tuned for more!

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