The concept of Rilcoin is being introduced to provide a new structure to asset management system. Asset management mainly refers to any system that manages and analyses things of value to an entity. It may be utilized for both tangible as well as intangible assets. Asset management is a process of deploying, upgrading, operating, maintaining, and disposing of assets that will be cost-effective.
Rilcoin is going to be an entirely new platform for asset management systems which will provide a unique perspective to financial tools as well as investment tactics. It will propose users to invest in cryptocurrencies assisted by Blockchain safety and real-world assets that would introduce a whole new way of funding.
Rilcoin is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency that has most of the benefits of fiat currency and also the freedom and secrecy of a cryptocurrency. Some of the features that would not be like fiat currency will be made so through smart contracts. Its flexibility to include all the leverages of fiat currency makes it an exclusive one among all of the cryptocurrencies. It will be the very first cryptocurrency having qualities of fiat currency.
The Decentralized Asset Management System (DAMS) would be one of its kind and will be the largest platform to tokenize any tangible/ non-tangible assets. The subscribers will be able to raise crowdfunding using the platform. The Return on Investment (ROI) will be distributed automatically to all its investors through smart contracts.
The real world assets and other alt-coins and can be tokenized through this decentralized Asset Management Platform and multiple investors can invest in a single asset simultaneously. The assets will be verifiable assets; an Artificial Intelligence (AI) fraud prevention system will prevent users from investing in high-risk assets. The Fraud Detection system will be managed by Artificial Intelligence. Assets will be classified into categories like high-risk, low-risk & safe using an algorithm of trust rating.
The assets will be verified by arbitrary members of the pool and the transaction fee will be shared among the members of arbitrary. This is a process can also be seen as soft mining and the transaction fee associated with it as the mining reward. The process solves a real life issue and does not waste any energy or resources, unlike hard mining process.
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The Rilcoin is an open source global payment system, which is decentralized like any other cryptocurrency but special on the basis of it’s hybrid nature.