Of all the jewellery and ornament pieces that are worn by people, the ring holds a special place because of its value and the emotions attached to it. A ring is a piece of jewellery that people use to propose marriage to their partners and exchange as a part of their wedding ritual. A ring becomes a part of you, since you wear it all the time, even while doing your daily chores and mundane things. Hence, the ring should be comfortable to wear and also have a proper fit so as to not slip off your finger. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re deciding a ring size.

The ring size is the circumference or the diameter of the ring. In most countries, jewellers standardize their rings on the basis of the circumference. However, a select few countries like Canada and United States of America have their ring sizes measured in the basis of the diameter of the ring. The circumference of the ring should correspond to the circumference of your ring finger and should be measured in millimeters. This can be measured by wrapping up something around your ring finger like a thread. Tools like ring sticks are used by most jewellers to determine the rings size and they are made up of wood, aluminum or plastic. It is also the standard process with Hatton gardens engagement rings designers.

The ring standard size used by most countries in Europe is the ISO sizes which is also the International Standard. It is based on the measurement of the ring circumference with a finger gauge. A finger gauge is a metal ring sizer which measures the circumference. This measurement is in millimeters and corresponds to the ring sizes starting from 49. The ISO standard also takes into account the internal diameter of the ring. For example, a finger of circumference 49mm will need a ring size of 49 whose internal diameter is 15.6 mm. An entire reference chart is available from which you can decide the size of your ring. You can check with hatton gardens jewellers for such questions.

The ring sizes in United Kingdom, Ireland and Hatton Garden Jewellery are specified in an alphabetical order. Each alphabets stands for a finger circumference in millimeters and one can determine their ring size by just looking at the chart and picking out the ring alphabet which closely matched their finger circumference. In countries like United States and Canada, a numerical scale is used which denotes the internal diameter of the ring. Other countries like China and India have a numerical scale based on whole sizes instead of circumference or diameter. While selecting ring from engagement rings Hatton gardens do check the size personally in the store as well.

The size of your knuckles, any swelling or fluctuations in the weight of the individual can affect ring sizes. Jewellers hatton garden can help you with that. If you’re confused about which ring size will best suit your partner, it advisable to visit a jewellery store where the professionals who use a physical ring sizer can guide you in a proper way. So whether you’re buying an engagement rings Hatton garden ring or any other ring, make sure to visit the hatton garden jewellery to confirm the size before you make the investment.

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