Riphah University, everyone is familiar of the name. The university is operating since 2002 and supported by the Islamic International Medical College Trust (IIMCT), which was established in 1995 and it opened International Islamic Medical College Rawalpindi (IIMC) in 1996. The Trust has the intention to uplift literacy rate in Pakistan and is fully devoted to provide educational platforms where students from all backgrounds can come and attain knowledge. The university is working for almost two decades and now it has extended its services to intermediate students as well by opening up intermediate college in Pakistan.

Riphah University has opened multiple intermediate college in Punjab and KPK

Riphah intermediate college has been serving in Peshawar for a while and now it has opened the intermediate college in Lahore as well. Lahore be the metropolitan city, welcomes a large number of migrants from around the country, hence the population in the city is getting denser with time. An intermediate college to be opened in Lahore was much needed. Not only in Lahore or Peshawar, Riphah has opened various intermediate college in Punjab and KPK’s multiple other cities as well and the objective is to provide outlets for youth to attain good knowledge without any hassle.

intermediate college in Pakistan

Good schools and colleges provide counselling to the young students so they can make best decision for their career

When students pass out their schools and reach to college level, this is the most delicate age, most of them are in their late teens, they are full of energy and have many dreams to chase. What they lack is, the direction. The direction which could lead them to reach their desired goals and sometimes they need guidance to understand themselves and what they are best at. Counselling at this age is very important. Hence good schools and colleges provide counselling for the young students. The counsellor would guide them about their strengths and how they can utilize them to chisel the best career for themselves.

The great feedback of the new and old students of Riphah intermediate Colleges in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the students are largely inclined towards two major career paths, engineering and medical. Hence, after matriculation they look for their admission in a good pre medical and pre engineering college in Pakistan. Well, Riphah intermediate college are the best in providing coaching to both pre medical and pre engineering students and these are not just words, but students who are currently studying and the ones who are passed out from the college, gave their feedback. The engineering students said that Riphah pre engineering college is one of the best pre engineering college in Pakistan, and adding on they said that it played a very important role in their careers. The medical students also gave incredible feedback about Riphah pre medical college and said that it is no less than any international pre medical college. They all said that taking admission in Riphah Intermediate College is the best decision of their lives. So, if you are seeking for a good college to get coaching for your intermediate, then Riphah is the best option.

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