If you’re like most Lovely Ladies once your day gets moving along, the heart starts pumping and your efforts and endeavors demand your time and energy. The later it becomes the more likely you are to abandon your exercise promises to yourself as you meander throughout your day of events. If working out in the early morning has never floated your boat, perhaps I can entice you to give it a shot and see for yourself what happens when you begin your day slightly earlier and realize what benefits you are missing out on.

What better way to begin your day, possibly before you have even truly focused your vision, than to be half way through your exercise of choice prior to any other obligations being addressed? If you already involve physical activity in the wee hours of the morning, good for you; this then serves as a wonderful reminder as to why you do what you do, when you do it and how beneficial it is for you. Below you can read for yourself why including morning movement into your schedule can, will and most certainly does provide some fabulous incentives that you too can take full advantage of.

~When you exercise in the morning it sets you up to feel great and provides you with a skip in your step to begin your day. Now how’s that for instant gratification? This example of immediate pleasure then stays with you for the majority of the morning and into the afternoon promoting healthy habits throughout the entire day.
~When you exercise in the morning you are more likely to be precisely aware of your portion sizes and healthy food choices. After your super beginning to the day you are highly unlikely to want to sabotage your early morning efforts.
~When you exercise in the morning it provides you with the pleasure of going about the rest of your day having that under your belt and being able to focus your energy on other tasks at hand. Having something looming over your mind, body and soul is a total waste of energy and an instigator of stress.

Now, now, I’m certainly not advocating that you burn the candle at both ends in any way, shape or form. We all need adequate sleep to behoove our health and well-being and not to mention our sincere beauty, but above all I’m asking you to consider, ponder, think for a moment about how perhaps you could alter your schedule, if need be, to include your exercise into an early morning time period. Why not stir up something good and attempt a new pattern of behavior. Try it three mornings in a row and access your involvement and drive. My guess is you won’t be disappointed.

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