Biometric technology not only plays the role of right hand for law enforcement agencies but it is also helping many private industries in decreasing crime rates and burglary. By using this technology it is easy to identify suspects against characteristics stored in the security system's database.

Don Mihae, who was recently hired by JAD Communication & Safety Systems (JADCS) to lead its security division claimed that "There is a popular tendency to regard biometric products as sci-fi mythology, but the reality is that biometrics is the future of the security industry and is quickly becoming recognized as the most accurate identification technology in the market,".

The recent increase in this technology the future of biometrics is truly bright and shining. There are so many engineers and security experts are working on multiple biometric gadgets to provide some extra security for high alert areas and also they are working on various gadgets to guard against unauthorized access to cars and cell phones. In the future, biometric technology will further develop 3-D infrared facial recognition access control, real-time facial recognition passive surveillance, and visitor management authentication systems. Already A4Vision, a provider of 3-D Facial surveillance and recognition software will use some specialized algorithms to understand the customary 2-D camera image and transfer it into a 3-D depiction of a registered face.

Here are some existing biometric gadgets that are already running in the industry efficiently and successfully.

• Access control Solutions -- Biometric technologies is offering multiple range of access control solutions that only permit authorized persons to enter into the property or to specific location in a building.
• Facial Surveillance – Another major form of biometric technologies is facial surveillance cameras. This technology helps you to identify a potential suspect or terrorist against a database of millions of images in less than one second. This is one of the most commonly used gadgets by multiple industries and government organizations.
• Video Intelligence Systems -- • Video Intelligence Systems are the most powerful and fully customizable systems to guard against potential security breaches.

With the increase in the crime rate, the need of these security gadgets for government bodies and large firms is increasing day by day. Biometric technology not only helps us to solve crimes or protect employees but it also increases the confidence of many security agencies.

Biometric technologies is one of the best solutions that can easily deal with securing and protecting private residences or public institutions, stores, hotels, clubs and various other public places, modern security systems are highly requested in present.

There are so many and well known Biometric systems available the market that can assist your business in increasing productivity in a safe and secured environment. Also, there are so many online websites available that offer you multiple ranges of security products at one place. The only thing you need is to make some research to choose a perfect site that offers you all these things at affordable rates. These biometric technologies offer you everything to gain highest level with improved standards and accuracy.

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