Do you have a health issues? Did the doctor suggest you undergo a weight loss surgery? You and your doctor have decided go for it. Then this article may help you to gather some more information about the surgery and its complications. A surgeon has a variety of techniques to reduce the size of your stomach. There are many categories of weight loss surgery which collectively known as bariatric surgery. Most of the surgeons prefer gastric surgery due to less completion compare to other weight-loss surgeries.

All weight-loss surgeries have the major procedure, which includes severe risk and side effects. This surgery will make your routine completely change, and regular exercise and weight loss supplements can help you by providing you long-term success.

What can be the risk of this surgery?

This is a major surgery, so it has a certain amount of risk. ?Weight loss surgery risks include excessive bleeding, blood clots, infection, breathing problems, adverse anesthesia reactions, lung problems, breathing problem, and much more. In some rare case, death also can happen.

Some long-term weight loss surgery side effects are bowel obstruction, hernias, vomiting, low blood sugar, Malnutrition, Stomach preformation, gallstones, etc.

  1. Blood clots:Blood clots chances are more, so doctors are not allowed to give blood thinner to the patient after or before surgery. They can use elastic surgical stocking, which keeps the blood flow fast so that they can prevent clotting. If the operation is long term, then the risk is more, but doctors can try to make this short term. But after entering the operation theater, the time duration of the operation no one can tell.
  2. Infection: Infection happens in the incision area, and there you get a lot of pain. Till the wound heals that infection will be there. You need to take care of it properly.
  3. Chronic vomiting: Another complication after the surgery is Chronic vomiting. In this, the bowel is connecting with the stomach where you can find a small stomach pouch, and through that stomach, food must pass. When complication becomes more, it does not pass, and as a result, repeatedly vomiting happens. Sometimes with medication, it does not get the cure that time you need to undergo surgery.
  4. Blood leakage: Another one complication is blood leaks from the stitches, that time you need to do operation immediately, which will help to drain the leak. You also need to take antibiotics. Correct follow up required, or else risk will become more.
  5. Gallstones: Some times patients developed gallstones after the surgery due to rapid weight loss. This surgeon must evaluate before, and they must remove gallbladder during surgery. There is one medicine Actigal, which can be, prescribed after the surgery.
  6. Bowel obstruction: You may develop bowel obstruction after the surgery. This is a very serious issue. Your doctor must understand the symptom and do the correct surgery.
  7. The big disadvantage of weight loss surgery is, you need to do annual follow up with your surgeon so that you do not face any long term complication. Early intervention can help you to prevent serious complication.

    Results of the weight loss surgery:

    This type of surgery provides you a long-term weight loss. You need to change your lifestyle according to the nature of surgery. You may lose more than half weight or more within two years. Through losing weight, this surgery will reduce the chances of heart disease, blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

    You also need to do the daily check-up with the doctor, and this helps you to improve your ability to perform all type of activity and also the quality of life.

    Sometimes weight loss surgery may fail, and you will come to know that after the completion of surgery. That time you will not reduce the weight and you also may develop some serious heath problem. Then you need to schedule meeting immediately with your doctor to avoiding some other complications. Sometimes you may regain your weight after some time of surgery and that also a correct surgery. If you change your lifestyle completely, then you will gain the required amount of weight. You also need to do the physical activity and consume high calorie food.

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