Hindu weddings differ from one province to another, from one caste to another, from one village to another, and each region has a way for to observe the customs and rituals. The Indian states follow the rituals and traditions that have been followed since the time of their forefathers. Every wedding involves colorful and lavish functions. The ceremonies of marriage are numerous and vary as per the region and the religion people belong to. However, Vedic rites are performed in the Hindu weddings, which are mostly common in all the states.

In India, the Hindu Marriage ceremony is a complicated matter, while being emotional for every family member. Apart from the wedding ceremony, even outside the traditional festivities, there are a number of customs and rituals, which are observed days before the wedding, as the celebrations start days before the wedding. The Tamilians who are settled abroad, find it difficult to recreate the traditional atmosphere, the pomp, the solemnity and everything that are associated with a Tamil Matrimony. But this problem can be solved with the help of wedding planners who plan the wedding as per the choice and preferences of the families.

1. One the day of the wedding, the groom is accompanied by his family and friends, and then they leave for the bride’s home in the form of a procession. The groom and the procession are welcomed by women carrying flowers and diya.

2. The father of the bride offers madhuparka (a mixture of honey, butter and milk) to his future son-in-law.

3. Bride’s father speaks the words of consent: "I give you my daughter as your wife. Promise me that you will love and respect her in all circumstances.

4. Summon the sacred fire: The sacred fire is lit and the offerings are given. The sacred fire is the personification of the deity, which is the witness of the wedding celebrations in the Tamil matrimony.

5. Panigrahan: The bridegroom takes the bride's right hand and made a solemn oath as the priest quote the holy mantras.

6. Agniparikrama and Saptapadi: The couple seven rounds around the sacred fire, and make seven vows to each other. The first for health, the second for the force, the third for the prosperity, the fourth for the well-being, the fifth for children, the sixth in a common loyalty to the religion, the seventh for an everlasting love.

7. The groom invites the bride to set foot on a stone, a symbol of fidelity. The groom then puts a silver toe ring as a sign of wedding in the toes of his bride.

8. The groom marks the forehead of the bride with a red powder (kumkum) as a sign of good omen and eternal happiness.

9. After the wedding rituals solemnize, the bride and groom offer food to each other.

The elders of the family bless the newlyweds with all the happiness and prosperity in Tamil matrimony, for a blissful married life, by throwing rice and flower petals.

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