River rafting is a lifetime experience and in Iceland, it is a big thing. Over the years, it has become an increasingly popular adventure activity and now, many tour service providers offer river rafting tour all over Iceland. You can go for river rafting through best car rental Keflavik Airport or Reykjavik, up north and in east Iceland, to name a few areas. Luckily, Iceland is known for its glacial rivers, fantastic scenery and canyons. Whether you’d like to go with your cousins or besties on a relatively smooth ride or get soaked in some heavy whitewater action, you will find something that suits you.

Yes, river rafting is as cool as it sounds!

We say rafting in Iceland Rivers is cool, literally and figuratively. We don't prefer to toss around the most overused phrase throughout the entire existence of Iceland travel journals: "An incredible experience." But, come on, river rafting in Iceland is as cool. Your companions will be jealous and furtively hate you.

Second of all, it's cold! Obviously, you'll get a legitimate suit to wear yet we can guarantee you that the glacial rivers are frosty cool. That being stated, the river rafting tour administrators in Iceland are extremely experienced, they give extraordinary apparatus and facilities. Along these lines, you'll be protected and relatively warm.

Iceland has three rivers where you allow going for river rafting; the Hvita river in the south and two rivers up north Jökulsá Austria (otherwise referred to as the East Glacial River) and the Vestari Jökulsá (West Glacial River) which runs adjacent to it.

No one should leave river rafting in Iceland’s Hvita river and experiencing the true power of nature in its rawest form! Hvita flows from the glacier Langjokull towards the south coast and creates the majestic waterfall Gullfoss. At the end of the rafting tour, return to your hotel or base camp to relax in the sauna and enjoy the scenery. No previous knowledge of the sport and skills are required!

What to Wear on the River?

Warm fleece top/fleece pants, hiking socks. Avoid cotton, as you are paddling down the river you’re going to sweat. When cotton gets wet, it makes you cold. All clothing should be of a material that keeps its insulating ability when wet.

What Else to Bring?

Dry clothes for after the rafting, necessary medications like Asthma inhales, waterproof camera. Keep your valuables somewhere else that you can find them safe and dry after your trip.

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