We are living in an age of pace and automobile. As such, walking along the streets has become more about taking necessary precautions than reaching the destination. No matter how much haste you are making to reach a place, never be reluctant enough to overlook the basic road safety requirements or else, accidents can occur at any time. And this makes it extremely important to teach children to be safe while making their way through the vehicle-crowded streets of the city, which can be only ensured when you let them know about the road safety rules at an early age.

Here, in this article below, we, at Best Schools in Greater Noida, have listed some of the road safety rules and practices that we believe all children should be aware of. Go through and let your kids know about the same.

Traffic Signals

The traffic signal is the primary thing that you should let your kid know. The three colors – red, green, and yellow, stand for separate indications. Children must know that a red sign is a stop sign and that they should never cross the road while the red light stays on. On the other hand, when the traffic signal shows green light, it is the right time to cross the street. It also has to be checked if the red or the green sign is meant for a vehicle or a pedestrian. Accordingly, the colors would imply a stop sign or a ‘move on’ sign.

Road Crossing Rules

Teach your children not to cross the roads at a bend or through the middle of the path. Always guide them to cross the road where the pedestrian cross has been marked, or the roads meet together. Choosing a random place for crossing the road can turn out to be fatal. school greater Noida Hence, make your children aware of the different zones and parts of a road and explain to them the areas they must take while crossing the road.

Attention is Mandatory

Attention is something that cannot be compromised while walking on the streets. Ask your kids not to remain engaged in a conversation over the phone while crossing the roads. Also, listening to music using earphones can be a dangerous practice as far as road safety is concerned. The one crossing the road or walking on the streets might eventually miss on the honking of the vehicles and bump into an accident. It is hence important to teach the kids to always remain attentive and alert while walking through the roads.

Never to Run on the Roads

No matter if your child is running late, teach them never to rush or run on the roads. Assessing the speed of the vehicle becomes difficult while running, and the drivers may also feel uncertain about controlling the vehicle if they catch someone running on the road.

Never to Put Hands Out of the Vehicles

Whether your child is traveling in a private or public vehicle, if he/she is sitting by the window side, it is important to teach him/her never to stick the hands outside the window.Top Rated Schools in Greater Noida Any vehicle approaching from behind can hit the hand, hurting the child severely. Hence, teach them to stay put while sitting in a car or a bus, to avoid any undesirable mishap.

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