A worrying recent statistic claims that more than two thirds of new cars on Australian roads do not pass international standards for pedestrian safety. With more automobiles on our roads than ever before, ensuring you have a good car accident and injury lawyer is more important than ever.

If truth be known, most of us have probably never thought of hiring a car accident injury attorney. Isn’t this what our car insurance is for? You won’t need one for every accident you file, but if you’ve been hurt, hiring a car injury lawyer is your best route to obtaining a fair settlement and not being taken advantage of by your insurance company.

Personal injury laws vary from state to state, so you are unlikely to be familiar with all the laws pertaining to your injury claim. Hiring a local accident injury attorney will give the peace of mind that you will be seeking what is rightfully yours. If you cannot find a recommended lawyer, do your research. Contact two or three firms asking for references and speak to previous clients. Also importantly, make sure they specialize in personal injury cases. Having knowledge of personal injury laws is imperative to receiving fair compensation from your insurance company. Because insurance companies profit by under compensating injured persons, many companies will automatically offer a lower settlement to persons not working with a personal injury attorney. For this reason, many people opt to hire personal injury lawyers even before they have been offered a settlement.

If however you have already been offered a settlement that you believe is unfair, a personal injury attorney can dispute this settlement in a court of law. The majority of personal injury lawyer’s work on a “No Win No Fee Basis” meaning there are no upfront fees. They take a percentage of the final settlement amount after the case is won. In some cases you could be liable for court fees and related expenses, so be sure to inquire about all expenses prior to hiring an attorney. Clear communication at the start will avoid any nasty surprises down the track.

If you are unfortunate enough to be injured in a road accident, hiring a good car accident and injury lawyer could prove vital in your pursuit of a successful claim. Most claimants leave it up to their insurance companies to deal with, but as mentioned above, this is far from the best course of action.

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