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A. Lou Vickery


THE ROAD TO SUCCESS is a direction -- not a is what you enjoy along the journey, not what you find at the end of the road.

THE ROAD TO SUCCESS runs right through you…and it is always under construction

The attitudes that you possess will be a determining factor as you travel on THE ROAD TO SUCCESS.

The level of success you experience as you travel on THE ROAD TO SUCCESS is about the same level as the attitude you have toward yourself.

The ability to handle things on THE ROAD TO SUCCESS is as much about attitude and heart as it is about talent and skills.

You remove a significant roadblock on THE ROAD TO SUCCESS when you know the difference between doing something...and getting something done.

The more you help others navigate on THE ROAD TO SUCCESS, the closer to the top you get.

The greatest reward you receive on THE ROAD TO SUCCESS is not what you get for at the end, but what you enjoy as you travel.

Successful experiences on THE ROAD TO SUCCESS are not something that you find... they are something that you create -- one day at a time.

The more comfortable you become as you travel THE ROAD TO SUCCESS, the easier the trip becomes.

The best part of your trip along THE ROAD TO SUCCESS is the opportunity to gain is what you have not yet gained of what you want to gain.

The things that count the most as you travel THE ROAD TO SUCCESS are the things that only you can count… the things that you hold in your heart, not what you can hold in your hands.

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Author's Bio: 


Lou Vickery grew up in Atmore, Alabama and attended Escambia County High School (ECHS) in Atmore. Lou earned ten (10) letters in football, basketball and baseball at ECHS.

After graduating from ECHS, Lou signed a professional baseball contract with the St. Louis Cardinals. Over a ten-year career, Lou also played for the New York Yankees organization and coached in the Cincinnati Reds organization.

Lou got his B.S. degree from Troy State University, graduating after his baseball career. Lou did advance studies at the Walter V. Clarke Center for Behavioral Analysis in Providence, RI (1978), and at the Princeton Research Institute for Psychological and Behavioral Studies in Princeton, N.J. (1983).

After spending four years with Merrill Lynch, Lou moved into the training and development field with Pat Ryan and Associates of Chicago, Ill. in l974. He formed his own consulting and training company in l980.

Over a thirty (30) year period, Lou worked with over 2,800 companies in 44 states and two foreign countries, including Nissan Corp., the National Association of Banking Women, RBK Chemical, University of Tennessee Women's Athletic Department, and Universal Underwriters, Inc. He has presented his customerfocus program to over 30,000 people. He has been featured numerous times on both the service and sales segment of ASTN (The Automotive Satellite Television Network).

Lou is the author of ten books. His most recent book is a personal development book entitled: TRAVELING TIPS... ALONG SUCCESS ROAD (UPWORD Press, 2007). This book followed his highly acclaimed novel: A TOUCH OF GRAY (UPWORD Press, 2002) Other books include: HOW TO BE A WINNER...THE YOUNG ATHLETE'S NOTEBOOK (UPWORD Press, l998) and ANSWERS TO BASEBALL'S MOST ASKED QUESTIONS (Masters Press, l995), which is part of the Spalding Sports Library; two attitude and motivational books: THE "I" COMPANY (Athlon Press, l979) and UP YOUR ATTITUDE (Marketing Resources, 1985); and two spiritual and inspirational books: I BELIEVE (UPWORD Press, l991) and I NEED A HUG WITH A GODLY TOUCH (UPWORD Press, l993); and THE GIGGLE, GRIN, LAUGH AND THINK BOOK under the Uncle Louie and Friends label (UPWORD Press, l998).

Lou has also written national sales training manuals for two major corporations. And his collection of sales meetings entitled: THE BEST SALES MEETINGS...EVER (UPWORD Press, l996) is one of his most requested works.

Lou is a past member of the National Speakers Association, Publishers Marketing Association and the Society of Professional Trainers. Presently, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Southwest Alabama Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Lou is currently Host of "Lou in the Morning" a guest driven radio talk show on WPFl.105.1 FM.