“The road to success is not a smooth way; but it is a rugged path, filled with obstacles which can only be surmounted by patient toil.” – Ellen G. White

Some people believe that success has a step by step procedure you may follow for you to be able to succeed. Real success is not the result of following a “winning recipe” or the result of following the masses.

Taking the path to your success always must have a beginning and will have an end. Where you will be tomorrow depends wholly and solely on the road you are taking today. The road is not straight. It is composed of curves and bumps to hinder your journey; challenges and obstructions could make you hesitate to go on.

However, you are unable to keep a determined man from his path. He considers these stumbling-blocks as stepping-stones.

The first step towards personal achievement is deciding
to move out of the shadow - to nurture yourself and grow -
so you can begin to cast your own shadow. The value of
your accomplishments depends on consciously choosing to
undergo new experiences which at first scare you. They
make you grow stronger and wiser in the end. They say a
tree is unable to grow in the shadow of another tree, and
therefore, you are unable to grow as an individual by staying in the shadow of another person’s success.

You can only free your full potential by accepting your
unique potential strengths. The first step towards personal
success is to accept yourself as the unique person you are.
Never choose to act differently. Accept you are unique by

If success relies on your ability to grow on your own, then a big part of success involves challenging yourself. Success is not about outsmarting or being competitive with other people but by allowing an internal battle to happen within yourself. The reason is simple: you will never find anybody who cares more about your achievements than yourself. Your friends and family can be supportive, but when it comes to acting out your vision, you’re completely on your own.

Most people believe success is a pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow. If you tried this mindset before, you already know it fails to give you a feeling of success. The goal is to live the idea of success in the present moment instead of achieving it in the future. The mindset of success is shaped by undertaking small actions and by understanding that every step of the way is important.

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