There has been a lot of buzz around Airbnb app development and the rental niche getting oversaturated. Airbnb is however occupying 15% of the vacation in the rental industry that leaves half of the remaining market for small businesses and startups to develop similar applications. It also makes enough space for rental unicorns and giants to disrupt the niche.

In its simplest form even an application like Airbnb, allowed hosts to easily list their rental property and travelers to navigate them as per their preferred location. In this article, we will explore the features and other requisites to develop your own property rental solution.

Developing A Rental Application Is An Effective Tool To Run Your Real Estate Business Successfully

You can develop a rental application with the essential features and launch It across different platforms to obtain maximum customers and generate revenue for your business. There are various on-demand services in the industry that are constantly evolving and growing as per the user requirements. Real estate or property rental application referred to one such service that is specially formulated to facilitate the users in the same domain. The sudden popularity of this platform is primarily due to the vacation in rental applications such as Airbnb. Let us follow through with some statistics and understand the growth of the Airbnb applications.

●Every day, more than 500 million users all across the world use Airbnb services
●The number of users posting real estate deals in this application is more than 68, 000
●more than a hundred million users use the AirBnB application to get access to affordable rental services

Essential Features Of Airbnb Clone App Development

Websites like Airbnb required a set of features that are quite different from conventional online stores for product selling marketplaces. Let us get an overview of the essential features to make an Airbnb like application

Profiles And Listings

A large number of service providers and customers on the Airbnb platform interact with each other to make the transactions. The Real estate app development company helps users to publish or update the information about their services on the site.

Map And Location Search

Unconventional E-Commerce marketplace location does not usually matter because the products can be easily shipped all across the world. But with location-based applications, customers and providers are required to be close to each other. Showing listings available on the map is crucial for developing Airbnb-like applications.

Online Payments

The majority of the classified websites connect the users and providers in a local mode but did not initiate payments between both. Peer to peer marketplace solutions allows the user to make payment directly through the website. Powerful payment gateways are convenient and secure for the customers.


The credibility of property rental applications is based on the trust between customers and providers, who usually starts as strangers. Some of the online stores ask users to review the sellers and their products but in peer to peer applications, service providers are also required to remain assured if the customer is trustworthy. Hence a two-sided review feature is crucial for Airbnb like websites.

Booking Management

For rental Marketplace, a Mobile app development company offers a reliable system to the providers and helps them specify the available listings. Whenever the real estate listings are booked, it gets automatically defined as available for a limited period. This feature is significant for value proposition in real estate applications.

Rental App Development Process

If you have made your mind to build an application like Airbnb, you have to follow a rigorous app development process. 

Understanding Project Requirements

You can get in touch with any leading app development company or hire dedicated developers to comprehend your App requirements. The app development team will magnify the scope and objective of your project.


Now is the time to develop wireframes for your rental application. The team of business analysis will prepare wireframes for your application for each screen where you can show the features and other functions to the users within no time.

App Designing

The UI/ UX team will extend the app development process and they will take care of your interaction between design elements and the development process. The team of designers will also understand the look and feel of your rental app with suitable iconography and different color combination techniques.

App Development

One of the crucial aspects of rental app development is related to app designing. The developers will start designing your application and later on integrate exclusive features and functions into it. The app development company that you have hired will offer regular updates about your rental app development status

Application Testing

Application testing for your application is another most important step. In this stage, a team of quality assurance professionals ensures that your application is running successfully on the platforms without any glitches and errors.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Property Rental Website?

Hiring a Mobile application development company to develop a Marketplace application like Airbnb will help you get access to industry great solutions within no time. When Airbnb was launched initially, marketplaces were relatively new. Many dynamics have changed since the early adoption of this application but developing a similar peer to peer rental Marketplace still requires a complex Technology stack and app development architecture. Also, the app development time is usually 4 to 6 months. The cost to develop any such solution is somewhere between $10, 000 to $20, 000. Luckily the present marketplace has various alternatives that don't require massive budgets and exquisite development skills. You can consider outsourcing the solution if you are walking the tightrope of budget.


The aforementioned is a roadmap, features, and cost to develop a real state application solution for your business. You can hire an on demand app development company to build powerful and cost-effective property rental applications without any hassle. Also, the Airbnb clone application development will give your brand exposure and you will be able to launch the application across multiple platforms and devices. Developing your own property rental application will help you customize the business processes to a greater extent. 

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