Robert Wilson Offers a Perfect Way to ‘Let Go’

Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching Letting Go CD allows you to let go.
Readers, in the past few weeks we have been speaking about a truly amazing man by the name of Robert Wilson. This is a man who found a way to get through the negative issues that life had to offer. He was able to take the ‘weight of the world’ off his shoulders by delving into…common sense. You know? That thing that we don’t seem to be able to find anymore?

Robert Wilson has a great many ‘titles’ behind his name, yet I find him to be a motivator. The dictionary says that motivation is the, driving force by which humans achieve their goals. There are numerous theories that motivation may be deeply entrenched in the basic need to minimize pain, negativity, stress and tension in order to maximize the pleasure of life. Motivation is the exploration - it is the hunt that we all go on in order to reach our ideal place and achieve our ideal life. There are many of us who believe that we have the drive, passion and determination to reach our goals. And we do. But what has happened along the way, especially in this world of constant bad news, is that we have lost ourselves. We are no longer working to reach that ideal career goal - we are working to find enough money to pay the bills this month. We are no longer uses our creative juices to paint that picture, write that poem, sing that song…all of our creative juices have been put on a shelf or into a drawer where they will remain while we take care of our responsibilities.

I have always believed that the word “someday” should be ejected from the English language. Someday seems harmless enough but what it actually is, is a way out. We don’t have to feel so bad if we know that “someday“ we’ll go back to what we actually WANT to do. You know…after all the work, toil, stress, tension and 9-to-5 responsibilities come to a close. But, you see, responsibilities are never going away. There will always be something more important than our own selves. Therefore, everything we WANT to do will happen someday.

I begin this article with this information because I am that “someday” person, and until I was honored and lucky enough to receive a CD titled, Letting Go from Robert Wilson, I believed that I would ‘get my dream…someday.” You know…when I got back to it. I have been letting the world get on my shoulders. I have been believing what the world, politicians, Wall Street - everyone has been saying. I have been watching those ‘reality shows’ (which have about as much to do with reality as the idea that politicians will ever actually be bright.) When I sit down and take time for myself, it is usually to write out the checks for the monthly bills, which then sends me back to work because I know that once the checks clear, I still have to find a way to feed the family.

Letting Go, as well as ALL of Robert Wilson’s wisdom, is simple, forthright, honest, and teaches you a serious lesson when you wake up from the recording. It teaches you that YOU are the most important thing in your world. Yes, your family, friends, job, etc. - these are important. However, if YOU are not happy, there is no way to bring about happiness to others. You are basically just working until the ‘final moment’ where it will be one bright light and then…‘poof!’ The scariest part about that? That when the bright light comes, everything YOU wanted to do during the short time you had down here is STILL on that shelf or in that drawer waiting for someday to appear.

Letting Go begins with two things. A voice that is not condescending, or ordering you around in any way, shape, or form; a voice that is speaking to you like a friend. There is no judgment in that voice, no commanding tone that accuses you of being an idiot because you took an hour away from what you should be doing in order to listen to a CD! The voice is simply a friend. And, don’t get me wrong, this is not like sitting in a psychiatrist’s office. This voice is asking no questions, demanding no answers, and watching no clock to tell you when to get up and leave - this voice is complimentary, soothing, and full of wisdom.

The other sound that begins is a stream. It’s not ‘hokey,’ it’s comforting. It’s that place where you could set up your chair, your easel - whatever you wish to set up - and be away from the harsh world for a while, finding time with just yourself. Giving yourself a chance to be free. Your eyelids do grow heavy. Is it hypnosis? I don’t know. To be honest, an ‘expert’ tried hypnosis on me once and it did absolutely nothing. I tend to think my eyes felt heavy because my spirit - my very soul - was begging me to just ‘let go.’ It was begging me to rush to that stream to take just a few moments out for myself to be happy.

Robert Wilson’s Letting Go CD, opens up your mind by allowing you to be calm, relaxed, and silent. In silence, you are receptive to others’ thoughts, feelings and ideas. In silence, you lose your pessimistic attitude and negative thoughts for a brief time, and allow yourself to sit by that stream and talk to your friend about expanding your unconscious mind. You MUST give in. You MUST let go, and with this CD, you can.

The stream becomes more potent, at times. It races through your mind and then calms and soothes. It is as if your ‘chakras’ are being touched by a place of peace, allowing every bone, muscle, and tensed nerve to relax - let go - and release all the aches and pains that society and life has placed upon you. It allows you to throw off that veil that the corporate world and that godawful search for money has placed over your eyes so you can’t see or find the truth. What’s the truth, you ask? That you can have all of that. Money, power, wisdom, everything - because you already have it inside of you. You already HAVE that motivation that we spoke about earlier, you just need to send it down a path that is not covered with corporate greed, a boss who yells, your inner time clock that says who you have to feed, when, and how much it all will cost.

Money…someday…these words and ideas become a shield around us. We become wounded, yet we don’t even know we’ve been attacked. We’ve been attacked by life every single day, and we’ve allowed it. We try to focus on those few moments of sanity, happiness, enjoyment, our children - something ‘good’ and amazing, so that the hours and hours of ‘bad stuff’ don’t make us want to get under the covers and stay there for the rest of our days.

Robert Wilson, through this amazing CD, as well as books motivational blogs, articles, and his amazing company Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching, offers the path of motivation that we lost along the way. He opens up our minds so that we can see the incredible friend we need to get our lives back on track - THE friend - our own self!

I have reviewed books, CD’s, songs, bands, authors - you name it, I have read and researched material day in and day out for years. I have understood points, feelings, emotions, self-help guides - and there are times when I have found them to be commercial products where the author or creator didn’t care a thing about what they were saying, they simply wanted to see how much money they could drain from an unsuspecting public who needed to find some sort of help.

I can tell you this. Robert Wilson is one of the only motivators, guides, counselors, etc. who CARES about and UNDERSTANDS what he is saying. With the power and truth of the Letting Go CD, he brings to the listener a chance, an opening, a door that we have the power to walk through; he opens our minds, so that we can listen to REAL wisdom that will improve our lives ten-fold.

Take it from someone who knows, do NOT wait for someday, get this CD! Get your motivation back and delve into the wisdom that Robert Wilson is offering to the masses. You will NOT be disappointed. And ALL those things you wanted to do someday - will come far sooner than you think.

Until Next Time, Everybody!

Until Next Time, Everybody.

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