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Many people have inquired, after the articles that have been absolutely heralding the wisdom, intelligence and kindness that Robert Wilson of Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching exudes, what exactly the world of life coaching is all about.

I was one of those people who were more than a little vague about this subject, until I found myself thrilled by the words that Robert Wilson speaks. From his books, to his CD’s, to his Daily Visions, Robert Wilson has not only shown me what a huge help it is to have a person in my life who can lead me in the right direction, but he has also proven to me that everything CAN be done!

During troubled times, during the negativity that is constantly surrounding us in this world, we all find ourselves a bit bruised and battered from time to time. But Robert Wilson has the foresight and skill to become our ‘coach.’ Like a friend, or a teacher - Robert Wilson can reach into our minds and souls and help us reinvent ourselves. He helps to pick us up when we’re feeling more than a little down in the dumps, and shows us a better way. In essence, he frees our minds so that we can unearth the strength that’s been in us all along.

Which is really the basis of ‘coaching.’ Robert Wilson is one of those unique individuals who are not found very often on this planet. He supports another individual, walking them through the process of achieving a specific personal or professional result. In other words, if you have a personal goal - whether it be located in the monetary, professional, or world of relationships, a life coach can show you how to leave all the ‘baggage’ at the door. They can help to clear away the cobwebs and ultimately - with their help - find success.

No, this is not a psychiatrist or one of those people on stage flashing an eight hundred number across your screen while telling you that with a donation of just a thousand dollars YOU will be rewarded somewhere in your future. Robert Wilson is no sham, scam, or ridiculous being. He is the real deal who not only has the skill and intelligence to do the job he’s doing correctly, but also WANTS to do his job and see people achieve what they wish to achieve.

There are many structures, models and methodologies of coaching, but the basis that coaches usually use is quite simplistic. The coach mainly asks questions and challenges their client to find the answers they need within himself or herself, based on their values, preferences and unique perspective. That’s the key. Robert Wilson knows we are not robotic beings; we are each individual souls who have different spirits, backgrounds, ideas and perspectives. He knows that each and every one of us has negative and positive thoughts that we hold on to from long ago; and he knows how to help us relax, be calm, and find the ultimate solution to our problems by listening to our own hearts. He professes that we are the knights, we are the warriors, and we are the masters of our own domain.

The books Robert Wilson has written, his incredible radio show, his articles - everything he has worked on to make our lives better though his amazing company Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching has been proven to work.

Coaching is separate, of course, from therapeutic and counseling disciplines, being as that clients are ‘healthy.’ When a client comes for life coaching, they are needing something that general medicine can not provide. They are not sick, nor are they physically ill, they’re simply at a stopping point that they truly want to get around. They want to break down the walls that they have put up because of fear or anxiety, and become free. Free to change careers, have a happy life, make money - free to live every second of life to its absolute fullest. Coaching can be performed in various ways: individuals, groups, in person, over the phone and, even in this technologically forward time period, the coaching can be done online through Skype.

It has been a long time since coaching was just seen as a job in the world of sports. In fact, reports have been issued that state over fifty-one percent of companies now consider ‘coaching’ as a key part of learning development. This is quite true, seeing as that people are their own worst enemies, and with a life coach they can find a way to increase their performance on the job because they are increasing their wisdom and understanding.

When it comes to the business world, life coaches are most often used by managers within corporations who wish to improve their leadership abilities by finding a way to increase their wisdom. Something Robert Wilson knows all about. By increasing wisdom and opening their minds to allow new ideas to form, they regain their creativity. From having team meetings to one-on-one sessions, life coaching has increased business and profits greatly.

This is by no means, as we stated before, something that is ‘new’ in this world. In fact, the first use of the term coaching was around 1830 in Oxford University, where it was a ‘slang’ term for a tutor who “carries” a student by instructing and teaching them the skills they need to become fluent in their chosen future careers. So, in essence, coaching was simply opening up people’s minds so that they could learn more and NOT be afraid of gathering more wisdom.

The evolution of coaching has been immense when you look back in history. Coaching has combined so many other fields of study - personal development, adult education, psychology - but it is truly Robert Wilson who has developed a way of coaching that is unique and is proven to work.

Since the mid-1990s, coaching has developed into a much more independent discipline. From training management and helping organizations and businesses, coaching has now developed into more of a mentoring type of program. And that’s really what makes Robert Wilson unique. He is a mentor, a person who shows people who are really good at doing something how to do it. He is able to help others identify the skills and capabilities that are inside of them, and allow them to open up their mind so they can use those capabilities that they ALREADY own to reach their personal goals and change their lives. Coaching is all about communication, but Robert Wilson adds the unique talent of friendship - of someone who is incredibly easy to speak with and has the ‘spark’ of energy that helps his clients shift their perspectives, thereby discovering the solutions they were looking for.

So at the very heart of the explanation: Life coaching is a practice that helps people identify and achieve personal goals. Life coaches help their clients set and reach those goals using a variety of tools and techniques, but Robert Wilson goes one step further. He not only gives his clients inspiration, he draws inspiration from his clients. With Robert Wilson clients are given positive communication that inspires them to open up their minds, let go of their fears and enhance their wisdom.

Robert Wilson is the life coach who makes you see - finally - that the only thing to fear is fear itself! It’s about time someone was able to figure that one out!

Until Next Time, Everybody.

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