A common misunderstanding about astrology is that it causes things to happen. Our ancestors certainly understood the connection between themselves as part of nature and the need to align themselves with the cycles and patterns of the moon, stars and planets.

Today many people do not get the connection between ourselves as beings of nature and our relationship to the movement of the heavens. The “Law of Correspondence” is the principle governing our relationship with the heavens, “as above so below” and “as within so without.”

So the heavens are a metaphor for the natural forces operating within you. There is a correlation between natural events in the heavens and your own internal workings of body, mind, spirit and emotions.

This is why attuning to and aligning with the natural elemental forces operating throughout life serves to help you understand the meaning and purpose of your own life story and be in the flow; going with the current instead of against it.

As a spiritual being you are completely aware before incarnating into earthly reality exactly what your contract and agreement is with life for you to experience.

There are fate points in your life which are meant to help you assess where you are on your journey and make adjustments accordingly.

You have complete free will how you will respond to any life event or situation. It’s not what’s happening in your life, but how you respond that results in your evolution as a soul and has a tremendous influence on the outcome of an event. You are a co-creator with life and create your life experience by the quality of your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.

Your evolutionary growth and stepping into self mastery and ultimately life mastery is what the spiritual journey is about.

The Ascended Masters such as Jesus the Christ and Buddha engaged with their fate points in full self awareness of what the meaning and purpose of these events were for the evolution of their souls and awakening as spiritual beings.

With this full awareness the Ascended Masters transformed their fate into destiny and served the world to evolve the collective consciousness of humanity. The Ascended Masters activated the blueprint for Self Mastery.

At this time as I’ve spoken about in previous astrology forecasts we’re in a tremendous fate point for all of humanity to evolve our collective consciousness. You are being called to step up and embody your highest potential as a soul to transform your fate into destiny.

The Ascended Masters, Angels and Guides are your constant companions and available to help you transcend your former selves and give birth to a greater version of your old self.

At this time also we are in a shift when new leadership is forthcoming. The previous generation’s idols are leaving as the leading stars we’ve loved and admired. Certainly Pluto’s transit through Capricorn mirrors this which I’ve spoken of previously at great length.

The final cut with the previous stars of our past will come as Saturn completes its transit through Scorpio which is square to Leo ruled by the Sun, the Star of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Robin Williams astrology chart perfectly mirrors many of the collective patterns working themselves at this time. The Aquarius Super Full Moon was located in Robin’s fourth house (roots and foundation), in a T-Square to his Scorpio Ascendant (physical presence, persona) and opposed his Leo Mercury (quick wit he’s know for) on his Midheaven (standing in the world) and Pluto (star power). At the time of Robin Williams passing the Perseid Meteor Showers were at their peak.

There was tremendous pressure that had been building overtime for Robin Williams to change to move forward in life. He was challenged to unmask himself and express long suppressed and unexpressed feelings. Scorpio is very private as a fixed water sign and wants to maintain control and not show any vulnerability.

Robin Williams is such an iconic figure representing his generation. Those of us born from around August 1938 to June 1958 will most feel the affect of Robin Williams passing as the death of the fisher king; symbolizing the end of the old ruling dynasty as we prepare to birth a new one.

I’ll talk more about the closing down of the Saturn cycle in Scorpio and the birth of the new Saturn cycle in Sagittarius in an upcoming video that will highlight the energies being birthed at this time for planetary and collective change.

I believe there are several parallel realities available to you which you can experience for yourself, including the perfected and healed reality in which all of your life dilemmas are resolved. You have to align with it, feel it as happening now and take action as guided.

WATCH HOW ASTROLOGY WORKS for more about the Law of Correspondence.

I’d like to close with a prayer for Robin Williams, family and friends and you can join me if you like:

May the healing blessings of love, light and peace of the angels surround and uplift you at this time. And so it is…

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