Robotic Partial Knee Replacement India Dr. Anoop Jhurani

Chances of the knee problem are more in woman than a man
Robotic Partial Knee Replacement India Dr. Anoop Jhurani
Undoubtedly, we notice most of the time, some abundant women are suffering from the various kinds of knee problems, compared with men. Women are facing it in a large number. You might think sometimes, “Why numbers of knee problems are more than knee problems with men?” By the ages, the risk factor in knee problems could be the reason, but there are many more reasons that exist, we even don’t have any idea about them.

The healthcare society’s specialist Dr. Anoop Jhurani focuses on major treatments over knee replacements and other related knee problems. There is more than a century, knee problems exist, and each of them has different kind of diagnosis as well as treatments. It could be identified by the symptoms or different issues that occur as per the orthopedic specialist, one of them is Dr. Anoop Jhurani, as he handles numerous cases of knee problems and knee replacements. He is the best orthopedic specialist in Jaipur.

There are some reasons mentioned below why women are suffering more than men and getting more issues with their knees. Around the age of 55, men get the problems related to the knee. If we can see in women’s case then we will realize that it can happen so early, comparatively. The aforementioned reports say that women are suffering more because of their knee cartilage volume, knee’s trauma, knee joint anatomy, and hormones.

Robotic Partial Knee Replacement India Dr. Anoop Jhurani
There are a lot of differences lie between a man’s physique comparative to a woman’s physique, such differences decide the resistibility of their body. Usually, it affects the body due to the loss of cartilage, which is made up of protein to be responsible for the cushioning effect within the joints. However, previous injury or trauma, heredity, or ages play an important role to cause various kinds of knee problems between men and women.

The most crucial factor for causing knee issues is the density of bones and their volume in their respective bodies. Women have a completely different physique than men, while a male’s body contains a higher number of tibia and patella in his body as compared to a female. This structure affects different kinds of knee issues, which can be analyzed through an MRI scan.

A woman has to take care most for their knee health and it will be most preferable that you go for routine check-ups. Don’t forget that Dr. Anoop Jhurani is here to find out the issues and resolve them efficiently. Do take care of your health because it matters a lot to you and your family. Instead of ignoring things, check and get rid of the disease.

Robotic Partial Knee Replacement India

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