Roland ink manufacturer’s produce inks for different kind of inkjet printers. Basically these types of inks will be specially produced for printers. The quality of the output of printer extremely depends on the quality of ink and thus the quality of the ink is reflected in the quality of final product. These Roland inks are made up from different combinations of distilled surfactants, pigments, de-ionized water, fungicides, biocides, humectants, buffering agents and different resins. All these mentioned materials are of very high quality and they will pass through a tough quality control checking system. The inks used in the printers are either pigment based or dye based. The dye based inks can produce high quality outputs and they are also brighter in color. These inks are very stable and very durable, thus they stored for long time periods. The disadvantage of dye ink is that, these inks are very slow in penetrating and they normally take 8 to 10 seconds for drying.

The dye inks also start to blur with the passage of time. On the other hand the pigment based inks are very light, they will dry fast and they also have the ability to prevent the color form fading. Pigment ink dry much faster than dye based ink they are very suitable for color ink as they prevent blurring. The toxic level of pigment ink is also very low as compare with dye based ink. The basic and most important target of inkjet printer’s manufacturers is to make ink for their printers, that is light in weight, durable, fade resistant and water proof. All these capabilities are present in the Roland inks. The Roland ink has been selling in ink cartridges. These ink cartridges are specially designed that are used to enclose inks which are used in inkjet printers. Today inkjet printers are usually coming with two cartridges. One cartridge is used for black color while the second cartridge is used for other primary colors. The ink cartridges are replaceable when depleting all of its content or ink.

Roland and other manufactures are agreed that there are many advantages of using original ink cartridges instead of third party ink cartridges. The biggest advantage of original ink cartridge is that, they provide durability, quality prints and the most important warranty on printer. The compactable or third party ink cartridges are also available in the market. These types of cartridges are used when the printing is done on large scale because these cartridges are less expensive as compare with original ink cartridges but the quality of these cartridges is not very good and they also become the cause of different problems in print heads of the printers. So, it is highly recommended that always use original ink cartridges. When the Roland inkjet printer is purchased, they provide a limited warranty to the purchasers in which the purchaser has an option to return the product for replacement. If a purchaser buy any unoriginal or refilled cartridge then the warranty of the product will not remains valid and she has to pay the cost of repairing of there product.

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