Your child would get his primary teeth which is not going to last forever. However, you should ensure to take proper care of these primary ones too. Right from a very small age, you should keep in mind to take your child to a pediatric dentist in order to develop his/her proper oral habits. Right from the small age, if proper care of the dental health is taken, it will prove to be beneficial in the adulthood.

It is very essential to maintain the primary teeth of the kids because it will act as the guide to the permanent adult teeth. The places in which the primary tooth erupts is the place where the permanent tooth will be erupting. When it is time for the new permanent teeth to emerge, their crowns start pushing the lower part of the temporary teeth. This leads the temporary teeth to either melt or fall off. Thus, the permanent teeth can then make their way to the proper place.

The primary teeth of the child should also be taken care of as it will be the one to help the kid to chew, bit and eat his food appropriately. The teeth also help the kid in his speech process. In the initial six years of his life, a child is usually dependent upon the primary teeth for performing all the necessary functions. Thus, it is for these reasons that you should take your kid to a pediatric orthodontist.

The Infant Teeth

The milk teeth of the infants usually appear from six to nine months of age. However, there maybe rare cases in which the teeth erupt early or take sometime to do so. The front lower teeth are the ones to erupt first accompanied by the upper ones. Then the molars appear. The canines are last to appear. Nonetheless, your baby maybe subjected to discomfort due to the teeth.

Make sure to wipe and clear the gums of the kid gently each time after feeding with a soft pad or water-soaked cloth. You should make your kid accustomed to the habit of brushing from the age of two. Make sure to use soft toothbrush and a smear fluoridated toothpaste.

First Dental Appointment

Experts have recommended that you should take your kid to a dentist right from the time he attains the age of one. Though it sounds to be too early, this actually can be very helpful. The pediatric orthodontist can guide you about the proper oral hygiene and pediatric techniques. They can also look for the cavities in the mouth of your loved one and prevent the problem from increasing.

Compared to the adults, the kids are more prone to dental cavities and tooth decay because of their eating habits. Tooth decay can develop in the child, and progress thereby harming the harder outer covering of the teeth. It can convert into a softer inner dentin within a very short period of time.

However, most of the parents ensure that the experience of their child at the dentist’s office is a pleasurable one. Thus, you can take your kid to visit the dentist regularly. If your kid is free from any kind of dental damage, you should make sure that you take your kid for a dental appointment at least twice a year, once in every six months.

Pediatric Dental Treatments

There are various dental treatments provided by the pediatric dentist Atlanta to reduce the risk of tooth decay in children. They can also help to repair teeth and do the teeth whitening process. Some of the prominent treatments include

• Tropical Fluoride- Fluoride is made up in the enamel of teeth, which contributes to making it hard and prevents the risk of decay. Though the toothpaste contains small amount of fluoride, some of the other sources of fluoride maybe through drinking water supplies. The pediatric dentist applies high concentration of fluoride onto your child’s teeth and protect them various kind of problems.

• Root Canal treatment- Root canal treatment is usually done in adults to prevent the risk of tooth decay. Nevertheless, there are certain cases in which root canal treatment maybe applicable for kids as well. The temporary teeth give way to the permanent teeth waiting to erupt from the baby gums. Thus, taking care of the root canal can help to prevent the risk of malocclusion. If the problem of malocclusion increases, an orthodontic care would be required.

• Dental Sealants- The pediatric dentist applies a plastic like coating over the back teeth to prevent the risk of developing cavities. The back of the teeth is usually the place of attack for the bacteria that cause decay of teeth. The enamel of the kids is more permeable, and more prone to decay of teeth. The dental sealants when applied over the teeth can offer protection for the coming years.

If you find a proper pediatric dentist for your kid, they can be of great help for the future years. Make sure to take your kid to an appointment of dentist every six months to prevent any future damage.

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